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Olympus Mju-Mini Digital

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Friday 10th, September 2004
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

The mju-mini Digital from Olympus is unlike anything ever seen before. With its futuristic design, smooth contours and specially-created lens barrier, this four million pixel model is light-years ahead of the rest. The weather-proof metal body comes in a choice of six striking colours, allowing users to select the one that suits their personal style. Matched with its ultra-compact size, the mju-mini Digital is bound to find its way into the user's pocket and become an every day companion that is taken to wherever the action is. Naturally, the camera has much more to offer besides good looks. Its large, 1.8 inch, high-contrast LCD delivers bright, vivid colours and wide viewing angles.

Olympus Mju Mini Digital

Olympus Mju-Mini Digital - Design
True to the mju philosophy, the mju-mini Digital complements its design and technological innovations with ease of use and superb quality. The mju-mini Digital looks anything but ordinary. Created to appeal to both the visual and tactile senses, it shuns ordinary design conventions and embraces the unique and avant-garde. In order to achieve an entirely distinctive look, Olympus had to invent some completely new techniques. The special manufacturing process, in which the camera body is formed from a single sheet of metal was previously impossible. The resulting sleek, fluid lines ensure the model fits comfortably in the palm of the user's hand and feels like soft silk thanks to its exquisite finish. Yet the form and feel of the mju-mini Digital is not the only thing that is exclusive. To let users choose a model to match their individual style there are six exciting colour variations to choose from - Jewellery Silver, Pure White, Cosmic Black, Crystal Blue, Velvet Red and Copper Orange.

Olympus Mini Digital camera - Lens barrier
Special attention was given to the model's lens barrier. When the camera is switched on, the barrier retracts into the body while the zoom lens extends effortlessly. This feature made the mju-mini Digital's distinctive "full-flat" design possible, which not only gives the camera its breathtaking aesthetic impact, but lets it glide into any pocket. An innovative control dial located on the top of this model ensures great ergonomic operation.

Olympus Mju Mini Digital - Image quality
The mju-mini Digital's advanced technology is just as impressive as its revolutionary appearance. Besides packing four million pixels, it features the Olympus TruePic TURBO image processor, which enhances picture quality while increasing image recording and display speed. In addition, a newly developed zoom lens incorporates three aspherical lens elements to secure an uncompromising balance between compact lens size and high-resolution performance. Precision metering systems, such as the iESP (intelligent Electro Selective Pattern) light metering and spot AF focus system ensure higher image quality and definition. The new 1.8 inch, 134,000 pixel, wide-angle display is ideal for presenting pictures. It boasts three times the contrast of conventional LCD screens and shows sharper, brighter, more vivid images. Vertical and horizontal viewing angles of 160° ensure everyone has a clear view of the shots, even under bright sunlight.

Olympus Mju Digital - Scene modes
A total of 13 scene programmes let the user master any photo opportunity with ease, such as portraits, night scenes, snow-covered landscapes or moody sunsets. Unique functions like the new fish-eye and soft focus modes enable image editing without a personal computer. Movie recording opens up further creative options. The length of the video sequence is only limited by the memory card capacity (over 20 minutes may be saved on a 512MB xD-Picture Card in HQ mode). And when it comes time to print out the shots taken, support of the PictBridge standard guarantees that direct printing on compatible printers such as the Olympus P-10 is trouble-free.

Olympus Mju-Mini - Underwater photography
When the action moves from the beach to the water, the mju-mini Digital can go too, thanks to the optionally available protection case. While retaining complete control of all the photo functions, such as zoom and flash mode, water resistance up to a pressure equivalent of three metres depth is assured. Snorkelling, surfing or snowboarding on deep powder snow is therefore no problem. The result: exciting underwater photography, amazing water sports shots and breathtaking winter scenery. With its unique interplay of colour, form and technology, the mju-mini Digital takes digital photography to new levels of personal expression. It perfectly embodies the evolution of the mju Digital series' fundamental design concept: "originality". The Olympus mju-mini Digital is planned for release in October 2004. It will be shipped with the new Olympus Master 1.0 software which enables the easy handling and editing of digital files, plus a whole lot more.

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