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Pentax Optio SV

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Tuesday 14th, September 2004
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Pentax Corporation introduces the new OptioSV, a compact digital camera with 5X optical zoom and the image quality of 5.0 effective megapixels. It also has particularly compact dimensions, bringing such zooming power together with portability. Such compact dimensions are made possible through use of the unique Sliding Lens System, which makes a significant difference to the depth of the entire camera. The OptioSV also demonstrates Pentax expertise in locating all parts not only for practicality but also for the ultimate in space efficiency. The end result is a camera with more than merely compact dimensions. It is a camera with a revolutionary reduction in size.

Pentax OptioSV - smc Pentax lens
Pleasing image quality worthy of the Pentax name results from the combination of the high-performance smc Pentax lens with a newly developed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). And in terms of operability, the OptioSV features a mode dial that literally makes mode selection as simple as the turn of a dial. The OptioSV also features Picture mode, which allows the user to simply select an icon on the LCD monitor that matches the scene at hand to achieve excellent results with no further preparation. The OptioSV additionally has an exterior with the rich texture of an aluminum alloy that gives the camera an overall sense of uncomplicated attractiveness.

Pentax SV - 5x Optical zoom
The OptioSV incorporates a 5X optical zoom Sliding Lens System, which is a further refined version of the Sliding Lens System employed in the OptioS launched last year. The Sliding Lens System offsets the central lens groups from the optical axis and houses them in two steps in the lens cylinder. The result is a significant reduction in lens length and drastically minimized body depth. Furthermore, Pentax expertise in mounting assists in the achievement of minimized dimensions through maximum space efficiency. As a result, the OptioSV boasts the body dimensions of 91.5 (W) x 56 (H) x 28 (D)mm and weighs a mere 150 grams - thus constituting an impressive reduction in both size and weight.

Pentax Optio camera - ASIC
The OptioSV delivers the high-level image quality consumers have learned to expect only from Pentax. It incorporates a 1/2.5-inch CCD with 5.36 total megapixels and uses a primary color filter. The OptioSV also employs a high-contrast smc Pentax lens renowned for high-level clarity. It is made up of 10 elements in 8 groups and includes two aspherical lenses. It is also highly effective in compensating for spherical and other forms of aberration, while its unique coating reduces ghost and flare to a bare minimum. Furthermore, the newly developed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) reinforces image processing performance to deliver more natural gradations and vivid color compensation. The OptioSV incorporates a 5.8mm-29mm 5X optical zoom lens offering a focal range covering angles of view equivalent to those of a 36mm-180mm lens in 35mm format. With its generous zooming range it offers impressive compositional freedom and it can also be combined with 4X digital zoom, to offer up to 20X total zooming capability. The OptioSV additionally features Super macro mode, which allows the user to shoot from as close as 3cm from the subject.

Pentax Optio SV - Aluminium alloy
For intuitive mode selection, the OptioSV employs a mode dial. By turning the dial, the user can simply choose Program, PICT (picture), Night scene, Movie, Voice recording, USER, and M (Manual) modes. The user can also select PICT mode to activate the mode palette function, which displays icons for all 12 picture modes at once on the LCD monitor to enable easier selection of the desired mode. The exterior of the OptioSV is created from aluminum alloy and has an attractive appearance. For the front, this alloy has been treated to give it a hairline texture that catches the light in an attractive manner and the camera also features a rubber grip with a linear design. Such a simple approach to styling not only makes the OptioSV more attractive, it is also highly practical.

Pentax SV camera - Function button
A handy short cut function allows the user to gain fast access to settings for recording image size, white balance, sensitivity and other frequently used functions. The M (Manual) position on the mode dial can also be altered to function as Tv (Shutter-priority AE) or Av (Aperture-priority AE) according to user preferences. All of these settings can be accessed through use of the Fn (Function) button and the stick lever, and such customized operation makes the OptioSV even more user friendly overall. Despite its highly portable and compact dimensions, the OptioSV features a large, 1.8-inch TFT LCD monitor with approximately 118,000 pixels. This makes it easy to confirm composition, focusing and other elements as well as enabling the viewing of recorded shots anywhere.

Pentax digital camera - 5 Megapixels
Among digital cameras, the number of recording pixels increases and recording media capacity continues to grow. Responding to such trends, not only does the OptioSV offer the clarity of 5 megapixels, but it also delivers smooth image data transfer at high speeds too, with transfer rates that are accelerated further when used with PC's featuring a USB2.0 port. The battery stand is capable of charging batteries while they are still inside the camera. What's more, it can also house spare batteries too, which begin charging as soon as the ones inside the camera are fully charged. Compatible with 100V to 240V (50/60Hz) current, it also ensures smooth charging wherever the user travels around the world when used with the appropriate adapters.

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