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Nikon Coolpix 4800 First Impression

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Thursday 16th, September 2004
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Some weeks ago we were able to have a quick first look at the new Nikon products that are announced today. The new Coolpix 4800 is an entry-level digital compact camera with serious features like a 8.3x optical Zoom-Nikkor ED glass lens. This new model is a combination of easy-to-use operations, fun and flexibility resulting into a high-quality 4 Megapixel resolution. One of the interesting features of the Coolpix 4800 is its powerful and versatile 8.3x optical zoom lens. The Zoom-Nikkor ED lens offers a focal range of 36-300mm (equiv. to 35mm camera) and operates in a fast 1.3-seconds across its entire range. This lens enables enthusiastic users all kinds of compositions ranging from wide-angle to close telephoto scenes.

Nikon Coolpix 4800 - Best Shot Selector
The optical zoom lens is very compact and incorporates one lens with two aspherical surfaces in addition to its two ED glass elements. Beside this qualification it also comes with a macro function which offers shooting from as close as 1cm! The Coolpix 4800 features a 4 Megapixel image sensor ensuring high-quality photos. The high-precision 356-segment Matrix metering ensures consistently high-quality end results. Nikon's innovative Best Shot Selector (BSS) and Auto Exposure BSS (AE-BSS) can also be found within the wide range of settings. With BSS enabled, the camera takes up to 10 images, but only the sharpest will automatically be saved to memory. With AE-BSS enabled, the camera has the power to automatically select one from 5 shots with the best relative exposure. All techniques that improve the quality and user-friendliness. The AF-illuminator makes sure that the Coolpix 4800 is able to shoot in low light conditions too, offering noise reduction to maintain the quality of shots with a longer exposure.

Nikon 4800 camera - Scene modes
In many digital cameras, high-level technical advantages cannot be used without a high degree of understanding of camera operation. With the Coolpix 4800, however, this simply is not the case. A choice of 15 different Scene Modes makes it easy to achieve great pictures easily, while four of these modes also offer Scene Assistance which aids in composition in even the most difficult situations. For convenience in terms of storage, the Coolpix 4800 is compatible with popular SD memory cards. In addition, the Coolpix 4800 has approximately 13.5MB of internal memory, which means you're always ready and able to shoot, even when you're not using a memory card. The Coolpix 4800 allows you to shoot up to an impressive 240 images when running on a single Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL1, or up to 360 images when using an optional disposable 2CR5 lithium battery.

Nikon Coolpix-4800 - Voice memo function
For images better suited to capturing subjects in motion, the Coolpix 4800 provides continuous shooting capability for up to 8 images at up to 1.5 fps. It also offers a handy 3 shot buffer function and the innovative Multi-shot function, which allows 16 shots to be taken in succession then combined in a single image. For more expressive capture of movement, the Coolpix 4800 also offers movie shooting with sound, recording TV-size movies at the smooth rate of 15 fps. The Coolpix 4800 also boasts a handy Voice Memo function, which allows up to 20 seconds of sound to be added to still images.

Nikon 4800 digital camera - Time Zone setting
The Coolpix 4800 even has an exciting range of features that add further enjoyment beyond shooting. A useful Time Zone setting makes the Coolpix 4800 an ideal travel companion, allowing the user to simply choose the appropriate time zone on the camera to set the correct time for wherever they happen to be. Direct printing is possible without the need for a PC whenever the Coolpix 4800 is used with PictBridge-compatible printers. The Coolpix 4800 also comes complete with Nikon's new PictureProject software too, an exciting advancement that allows easy viewing, simple editing and a range of other features that add further fun to digital photography. The new Coolpix 4800 is scheduled for release in Europe from November 2004.

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