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Jenoptik Eyelike eMotion 22 digital back

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Friday 24th, September 2004
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Fast, high resolution, lightweight and elegant are the key words describing the new Eyelike eMotion22. Jenoptik presents its latest digital camera back for medium-format and high-end view camera. Fully designed for untethered use, it sets new standards. Low power consumption, a lightweight, yet stable design together with a completely revised housing and board design guarantee images of outstanding quality. They also allow photographers to fully concentrate on their work when taking pictures. The Eyelike eMotion22 has been specifically designed for portable use. It features a built-in 2.2 inch display, a lithium-ion battery which is rated for up to 2.5 operating hours, and an internal memory with a maximum storage capacity of 140 images.

Jenoptik eMotion22 camera back
The camera back is immediately ready for use without requiring any additional memory cards. For extended memory space, the Eyelike eMotion22 provides an option to save data on type I and II Compact Flash cards. Storage capacity can thus be increased up to 520 images, without having to rely on a heavy, mechanically susceptible harddrive. The display and all other components have been selected with special focus on low power consumption for superior battery lifetime performance. A secondary benefit of this design package is that camera heating effects are reduced to a minimum level, which allows for noise-free images of highest quality.

Jenoptik Eyelike eMotion22 - Fashion & Portrait Eyelike eMotion 22 design efforts primarily focused on achieving image sequences at a constantly high rate. A system has thus been created, which is capable of shooting up to 50 high-resolution pictures per minute. As opposed to other systems where capture rates are changing after a few shots, this performance remains consistently stable. This makes work easier for the photographer and the model, because they can adjust to a regular rhythm and concentrate more on the perfection of scenic setups. In addition to continiously shooting rate, the Eyelike eMotion 22 also features an extremely fast capture rate. With approximately one image per second, the Eyelike eMotion22 ranks among the fastest digital camera backs in the market, thus guaranteeing to be ready for shooting in the right moment.

Jenoptik Eyelike precision - Schneider shutter system
As the Eyelike precision line before it, the Eyelike eMotion22 is equipped with a live video function. Consequently, no sliding adapter is required to select and exactly focus a desired image frame on a view camera. In addition to this feature, the Eyelike eMotion22 will also include a remote control option for Schneider shutter systems and Rollei LensControl via Eyelike capture pro software, thus making a perfect tool for photographers who work with view cameras and in studio environments.For operation in studios, the Eyelike eMotion 22 can be directly connected to a computer via Firewire cable. In this operating mode, which is automatically detected by the camera software if the Firewire cable is plugged, the camera will directly store all image data on the harddrive in the same way as already known from the Eyelike precision family.

Jenoptik digital back - LCD display : On Location, the 2.2-inch display allows you to directly control your images. You are able to view a given image frame or check for proper focusing in 1:1 view. Apart from that, the photographer also may navigate through the various images, delete images, superimpose a histogram for easier assessment of the exposure setting or turn on an exposure control function. To influence the quality of images, the current sensitivity and a white balance setting can be adjusted as necessary.

Jenoptik eMotion22 - Professional photography : The Eyelike eMotion 22 extends the existing range of Eyelike camera backs for untethered use. Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH is thus providing a system designed to cover all areas of professional digital photography. Designed as a 1-shot camera, the Eyelike eMotion22 makes a perfect tool for any photographer who is not restricted to studio work alone and cannot afford to renounce the convenience of medium-format quality in on-location jobs. The Eyelike precision product line includes microscan technology, an ideal feature for operation in studio environments where finest structures and smallest details have to be photographed. Both the Eyelike precision and the Eyelike eMotion 22 come with the sophisticated identical Eyelike capture pro or Eyelike capture basic software. Each of the two software versions is available for OS X Apple operating systems. An additional Windows XP version of the Eyelike capture basic software is available for Eyelike eMotion22.

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