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Digital Photo Frame review

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Tuesday 22nd, August 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

There is a new generation digital photo frames out there but THIS ONE has it all! We received the SUN SG8 photo frame which is a digital multimedia frame that plays photo, MP3, MPEG1/2/4 and DviX format. Trying to decide between purchasing a digital picture frame, video viewer or desktop MP3 player? Stop trying, because the SUN SG8 photo frame is the solution you are looking for. The Memory Frame Personal Media Player is a digital photo album, MP3 player and video player all in one. With its high-resolution, bright 8 inch TFT screen, you'll be able to view digital photos and video clips in vivid color. If you own a digital camera or cameraphone, this is one cool accessory that is a must have!

Digital Photo Frame

SUN SG8 Picture Frame - Photo gallery
Do you have tons of photos trapped on your PC or on your digital camera or mobile phone memory card unable to display them properly? While some digital cameras let you playback your pictures on a TV, it usually requires a special cable and runs down the batteries in your digital camera. Alternatively, you could store and view them on your PC, but that means that they are stuck wherever your PC is. That's where the SUN-SG8 Photo Frame does what you previously could not.

SUN SG8 Photo Frame - Slide show
The SUN Digital Photo Frame lets you playback your favorites pictures on your kitchen counter, office desk, car, boat, train - wherever you like, whenever you like. Simply insert your digital camera flash memory card into the frame (it allows for different memory card formats), and the frame automatically displays the photos on its bright, colorful 8 inch LCD screen. You can adjust the SUN-SG8 frame to display just one shot, or to cycle through all the photos as a self-running "slideshow". A handy, credit card-size remote control lets you move forward or backward through your photos as will. And you can set the frame to use a variety of transitions between photos (example, wipes, "window blinds" etc). Depending on the capacity of your memory card, you can view hundreds or even thousands of pictures on the frame!

Digital Photo Frame

SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame - Home audio system
There is more! Unlike most other digital picture display devices out there, the SUN-SG8 can also play MP3 (music) files through its built-in speakers. The frame can be easily configured to play MP3's while simultaneously displaying photos, or it can play MP3 files or display photos alone. The Digital Photo Frame also supports MPEG4, DivX and XviD movie formats for playback of digital camera movies or movies created on your PC. USB connectivity makes file transfer simple. The audio can also be routed out through a standard AV jack to your computer speakers or your home audio system. In fact, you can also use the handy video-out jack and included video cable to run a slideshow on your TV screen.

Digital Photo Frame

SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame for Point of Purchase Signs & Digital Signage
One of the other excellent features is the option to set the frame with the built-in timer on and off at your convenience; a perfect tool for the retailer who would like to display his business to potential clients. Want to find out all details about the SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame?

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