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Mamiya ZD digital back

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Tuesday 28th, September 2004
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Today we were able to get our hands on the new digital solution for professional (medium format) photographers. The new Mamiya ZD is a lens-interchangeable digital SLR which accepts the range of the Mamiya 645AF inter-changeable lenses. Beside introducing this new high-end professional digital SLR Mamiya also unveils a new Mamiya ZD Back. This back is compatible with the popular Mamiya 645AFD and the Mamiya RZ67Pro-IID which just has become available. The digital Back makes it possible to full interactive communicate through the MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) to provide the best of all of the advanced functions of these cameras.

Mamiya ZD back - 22 Megapixels
Both the Mamiya ZD and the Mamiya ZD Back come with a 36x48mm, 22 Megapixel Full Frame RGB Square-structured CCD (effective number is 21.5 Megapixels) and generate professional high resolution images with very rich and smooth tonal ranges. The 14 bit A/D (Analog to Digital) converter records information as 12-bit per colour channel. The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), which was developed exclusively for the Mamiya ZD and Mamiya ZD Back, processes in real-time, optimization of image data from CCD. On the back of the camera we find a rather small LCD display (compared to the volume of the DSLR), just 1.8-inch LCD. For power the Mamiya ZD uses a Lithium Ion battery or an AC adapter. The dimensions are: 161.5mm (W) x 152mm (H) x 90.8mm (D) with a weight of 1,200g.

Mamiya ZD digital back - Eye-level Prism Viewfinder
When you are used to a regular digital SLR viewfinder and you are looking through the viewfinder of a medium format a whole new world seems to open in front of you! The SLR has a Eye-level Prism Viewfinder (fixed) with a field of view of 98%. The Auto-focus is a TTL Phase Difference Detection and for light metering you can choose between Average, Center-weighted, Variable Shot and Spot. We have some specifications for the Mamiya ZD SLR, but these are not official yet!

Mamiya ZD back - Specifications
Built-in IR-Cut filter, Continuous shots 1.5 frames/second with maximum of 11 shots, RAW and JPEG format, Large, Medium and Small files, Adobe RGB, sRGB, white balance settings: Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Shade, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Preset 1, Preset 2, Fine Adjustment, Color temperature setting, ISO 50 - 400 (1/3 steps), Video out (NTSC/PAL), IEEE1394 interface, Exposure controls: A (Aperture), S (Shutter) priority, Programmed AE, Manual and B, shutter speed: B+30sec - 1/4000 second, x-sync at 1/125 sec. The price is also not official yet, but we have heard of a price tag of around EUR10,000.

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