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Digital Cameras

Hasselblad H1D digital back

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Tuesday 28th, September 2004
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Today Hasselblad unveiled their digital answer to the competition. We saw the new Digital back on the Hasselblad H1D. The H1D takes digital photography to the extreme. Experience the possibilities of a fully integrated auto focus medium format digital camera system. This digital camera comes with a 22 Mpixel sensor system designed for a 6×4.5 format and full digital functionality. You can count on fast and safe capture sequences. Not to mention storage capacity for 850 full resolution images on the hard drive.

Hasselblad H1D medium format DSLR
The H1D is high-end medium format DSLR at its best. The 37 ×49 mm sensor, for example, is twice the size of a 24 ×36 mm film format allowing room for the pixels to capture the dynamics of virtually any light situation. What's more, the H1D optical path gives superior viewfinder performance showing the world as seen by the sensor. So no more guesswork or wishful thinking required. And because digital demands high precision optics, the H1D is supported by the full range of auto focus HC lenses designed from the outset with digital in mind.

Hasselblad H1D - Switch from digital to film
The H1 is the cross-platform camera. A high-end medium format auto focus solution that sets new standards in quality and versatility. You can switch from digital to film in seconds. Whats more, the H1 is designed for system-wide integration and superior digital imaging. Hasselblad is now offering an inspiring package that includes the H1 camera and a 22 Mpixel Hasselblad Ixpress digital back. You can choose between 132 MB raw image size with a multi-shot upgrade option; or 528 MB raw image size and built-in multi-shot. Both backs support total portability and tethered work in the studio. For studios with more than one camera system, choose the Ixpress solution in combination with our smart i-Adaptor.

Hasselblad H1D back - High resolution Raw image files
Introducing the Hasselblad Ixpress digital backs. You can choose between 132 MB raw image size with a multi-shot upgrade option; or 528 MB raw image size and built-in multi-shot. These high-end digital backs are built on a 22 M pixel sensor and ensure the most versatile image capture available. The Hasselblad Ixpress 96C digital back with a 16 M pixel sensor is available with or without multi-shot capabilities. And all of our backs are upgradeable. You can count on fast, safe and non-stop capture of hundreds and hundreds of images onto the 40 GB hard drive of the Image Bank at a cost, per megabyte, that is only 1/10 of a CF-card. This is computer-free operation at its best. The Hasselblad Ixpress with our innovative i-Adapter is the ideal solution for studios using more than one camera system. For stills work in a studio environment, our optional multi-shot (4 × Res module) captures images at up to 4 times the sensor resolution. Our Double Duration Circuit (DDC) technology keeps the Hasselblad Ixpress cool, giving you clearer pictures, true 16 bit colour depth and double the battery life.

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