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Samsung SGH-E900 review

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Thursday 7th, September 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

One gadget after the other is being launched on the mobile imaging market. Some are stylish, whereas others are more technologically advanced. For years now, Samsung has had a reputation for knowing how to produce mobile phones that combine function and style as well as being interesting gadgets. It all began in 1938 when Samsung started out as a Korean supermarket that grew to become Korea's biggest foodstuffs supplier and a construction company after the end of the Korean War. Samsung started producing household equipment, televisions and radios in the 1960s and by the 1980s, it was the leading producer of portable TV's. In 1993, Samsung launched its first ultra light mobile telephone. At 100 grams, the Samsung SH700 was way ahead of its time. Meanwhile, the company had grown into a global enterprise doing business in over 58 countries. Samsung is the only Korean brand in the Top 100 Global Brands. Samsung Electronics is the second largest provider of mobile telephones in the Benelux.

Samsung E-900

Samsung SGH E900 - Gadget phone
Gadget lovers will fall hard for the Samsung SGH-E900, but this phone is more than just a simple gadget. Its defining features are its functionality, cool appearance, pressure sensitive keys and 2 Megapixel digital camera. The Samsung E900 may just be the coolest mobile telephone of the year. It's too soon to say, but what we can state with certainty is that Samsung is currently one of the most popular brands on the mobile telephone market and it's gaining an ever great share of the market. When we saw the Samsung SGH-E900's specifications, we had to conclude that Samsung has taken another great leap forward. It is as if they have taken all the best features from slide phones and improved on them.

Samsung E-900 - Attractive design
The Samsung E900 is an attractively designed mobile telephone. Whenever it is folded shut, it is a simple, black shiny phone with a few silver and anthracite accents here and there. This gives the Samsung E900 a sophisticated, high quality look. As well as having a great design, the Samsung E900 is also technologically advanced. First of all, the E900 has a clear QVGA TFT screen with 260,000 colours, 64 polyphonic ring tones, a 2 Megapixel camera and a MP3 player. The Samsung E 900 is a business telephone and gadget telephone rolled into one in a cool combination of style and functionality.

Samsung E900 - Weight & Battery
With measurements of 9.3 x 4.5 x 1.7 cm, and weighing only 93 grams including battery and sim card, the Samsung SGH-E900 is a thin, light telephone. It fits snugly into your pocket and is easy to take along with you. I used the SGH-E900 for three days during the trial without having to recharge it once. This entailed normal use, without excessive amounts of phoning. I activated various functions on the Samsung E900 regularly. The Samsung SGH-E900 lets you know when the battery is almost empty with an acoustic signal and if the battery becomes too weak, it switches off automatically. Recharging the Samsung E900 is pretty quick; after an hour the battery is fully charged and the telephone is ready to go again.

Samsung E-900

Samsung SGH-E900 - Memory & MP3 player
The E900 telephone has an internal memory of 80MB, allowing you to save telephone numbers, MP3 music, films and photos made with the digital camera. The Samsung SGH-E900's internal memory can be extended with the microSD memory card, that when used together with the supplied headphone, lets you use the phone as a real MP3 player. The microSD memory cards are based on SanDisk's earlier TransFlash format and come from SanDisk. Its maximum storage capacity is 2GB. When the MP3 player is activated, lights and three extra pressure sensitive keys light up: play/pause, next and previous song. The MP3 player turns itself off automatically if the phone goes, so that you can take the call.

Samsung E-900

Samsung SGH E-900 phone - Operation
The Samsung SGH-E900 is quick and easy to operate as all its keys are a good size and easy to use. The navigation and the confirmation keys in the middle of the phone that can be used to navigate the Samsung SHG-E900's menu are particularly handy. One push in the middle of the navigation key confirms a menu item. On the left of the phone is a volume key that can adjust the volume of both the ring tone and your conversation, but it is also handy for leafing through a long text message. Finally, there is a key for activating the MP3 player and digital camera on the right side of the Samsung SGH E900. The on/off switch is also on the right side.

Part II : Samsung SGH-E900 review

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