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Minox DMP4 Media Player

Mark Peters
Photokina report
Friday 15th, September 2006
Posted by: Mark Peters

Versatile performance with many spe-cial talents - these are qualities held by the Minox DMP 4 as digital media player / recorder and mobile data depot. This wee movie star is already a strong performer in the recording and playback of MPEG4 films and music. Amateur photographers will particularly appreciate the tool as handy and powerful image tank with which they can store and view data contents of SD memory cards! Smaller than a customary compact camera the DMP 4 has enormous capacities, thanks to a superb, high-speed memory embedded in the heart of the elegant housing, which serves as a data de-pot. Its 2 gigabyte capacity alone, can easily provide an evening full of film viewing.

Minox DMP4

Minox DMP 4 - MPEG4 video recording
As media player of the latest generation the Minox DMP 4 perfectly masters video recording via the integrated interface. Films from DVD or TV programs from the television can be recorded and stored in the tiny appliance in no time at all using a cable and without requiring a computer. Minox uses the cutting-edge MPEG4 format for this purpose, providing high image and sound quality - in spite of the compara-tively small file size. The built-in slot for SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 2 GB (enough for playing approximately two feature films) is just one storage option: a 2 gigabyte flash memory makes the Minox DMP 4 independent and turns it into an electronic media depot. This allows intermediate storage of digital photos and their presentation on the 2.5 inch TFT color monitor, for example.

Minox DMP 4 - MP3 sound recording
Sound recordings on the tiny recorder are automatically transferred into MP3 for-mat. In this way, music can be recorded from a CD player or voice recordings can be made using the voice recorder function. The stereo playback sound of film or sound files is provided by the speakers integrated in the body. Their output power is suffi-cient enough to enjoy multimedia at home and away. The Minox DMP 4 also comes with earphones.

Minox DMP 4 - Easy & Reliable media player
The clear switch functions and menu navigation of the Minox DMP 4 - in Volkswagen design - guarantee easy and reliable handling. Control of all main functions and menu settings are placed front-and-center, making them both ergonomic and practi-cal. Everything is self-explanatory, with a systematic menu and unmistakable sym-bols on the large color display, guiding the user quickly and instinctively. There are further keys integrated in the elegant body and at the sides which can be used with a single thumb control. With the built-in USB interface files can be quickly trans-ferred between computer and media player, and the DMP 4 operates as intermediate memory while charging the Li-ion battery. The capacity of the battery allows ap-proximately three hours of film play. The scope of delivery of the Minox DMP 4 in-cludes a powerful Li-ion battery and earphones as well as a USB and AV cable, man-ual and CD-ROM with software.

Technical Data Minox DMP 4:
• MPEG4-Video (recording and playback),
• MP3/WMA-Player (recording and playback)
• Digital voice recorder
• SD/MMC card reader
• USB memory stick & Data storage
• Internal stereo speaker & Built-in-microphone
• Built-in 2 GB flash memory / optional: SD/MMC card up to 2 GB
• LCD display : 2,5’’ LTPS TFT LCD
• 960x240 pixels / 262 K color
• 4 in 1 earphone jack (video-out / earphone jack/external microphone/AV in)
• Video out / video in : TV out (NTSC/PAL) / AV in (NTSC/PAL)
• Video recorder resolution : max. 640 x 480 (VGA), max. 30 fps
• Audio-Quality : CD quality (48 KHz) & radio quality (16 KHz)
• Language support : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish
• Battery : Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (3,7 V/1.000 mA)
• Power supply : 5 V DC adapter / via USB cable
• Dimensions : 90 x 68 x 16 mm
• Weight : approx. 69 g (excluding battery)

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