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Philips GoGear SA9200

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Friday 8th, September 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Philips is pleased to announce the birth of a baby music player - the tiny GoGear SA9200. Just 9cm long and weighing only 48g, 2GB SA9200 is able to store up to 500 MP3 or 1000 WMA music files, or up to 560 photos accessed via Philips’ unique touch-sensitive screen interface. Offering a great combination of features, functions and looks, the jewel-like SA9200 is ultra-pocketable, shockproof and beautiful to look at, thanks to its stylish black onyx-finish casing. Like its bigger brothers in the Philips GoGear family, the SA9200 features Philips’ totally unique backlit sensory touchpad for control of functions, and the acclaimed SuperScroll system for precise navigation.

Philips GoGear SA9200

Philips SA9200 - Fun & Easy-to-Use
Users just tap, drag or swipe a finger along the touch-sensitive strip to navigate through their library of music and photos. Graphic icons, illustrated menus and even album artwork makes the SA9200 fun and simple to use. Music collections can be helpfully arranged into easy-to-understand categories such as Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlists. All content, including photographs, are displayed on the bright, clear 1.7-inch (4cm) colour screen

SA9200 media player - Long-life rechargeable battery
The SA9200 is as easy to load as it is to listen to, with content quickly transferred from a PC running Microsoft Windows XP using high-speed USB 2.0 and USB cable supplied with the player. A long-life rechargeable battery enabling up to 14 hours* continuous playback keeps the music going while on the move. Listener can tailor their music enjoyment to suit their personal taste by choosing from a variety of equalizer settings, including ‘Rock’, ‘Classical’, ‘Jazz’ and ‘Hip Hop’. They also have the option of using the customizable equalizer to create their own settings for a truly personalized experience. Also ‘SRS WOW’ adds to ‘big’ sound’ from a small player.

Philips GoGear SA9200

Philips GoGear SA9200 - Microsoft PlaysForSure
To ensure maximum compatibility with the growing number of legitimate music download services, Philips GoGear support Microsoft’s PlaysForSure initiative. PlaysForSure ensures interoperability of devices and services, reassuring consumers that music players and their preferred content providers displaying the PlaysForSure logo are compatible. PlaysForSure also enables consumers to take advantage of ‘portable’ subscriptions.

Philips GoGear SA9200

Microsoft Windows Media DRM10 - SA9100 & SA9200
Via Microsoft Windows Media DRM10 technology, Philips’ GoGear devices are compatible with portable subscription offerings, allowing consumers full access to more than two million track catalogs from supporting on-line services. The Solid State Audio player is also available in a 1Gb version, the SA9100. The SA9100 and the SA9200 will be available in Europe after the summer and will have a suggested retail price of respectively 149 Euro and 199 Euro.

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