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Samsung Armani camera phone review

Dennis Hissink
Photokina report
Thursday 15th, May 2008
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Not only is the Giorgio Armani mobile phone a stylish device, it is also delivered in style. The black box has a silky feel, like the cover of the user’s guide. A leather pouch that folds out comes with the cell phone to protect it. When you shut the cover, it shuts down the cell phone. You can also choose to use the included pouch made from soft material. Naturally a battery charger, USB cable, earphone and software CDs are included in the box. An original addition is the soft cleansing cloth, marked with the Armani logo, which serves to wipe the Samsung Armani clean.

Samsung Armani

Giorgio Armani mobile phone
The Samsung P520 phone has a businesslike and classy appearance also thanks to its durable, black housing carrying the Giorgio Armani logo. The dimensions of 3.5x 2.1x0.4 inches make the mobile phone extremely compact and the full touchscreen enables optimum management. Thanks to its compact design you hardly notice the Armani phone in your trouser pocket. On the front there are only two buttons available; the 'numeric key pad' and the 'on/off' or 'close menu' key. At first the Armani mobile phone reminded me of a smartphone, also because of the visible agenda in standby mode, but as far as functionality is concerned, the Samsung P520 is a regular mobile phone. Buttons to operate the digital camera and to key lock are placed on the right side of the phone while the volume buttons can be found on the left side. Logically, the digital camera is found on the back of the Giorgio Armani cell phone.

Samsung Armani

Armani camera phone
The Giorgio Armani cell phone has been equipped with a 3.15 Megapixel digital camera featuring a LED flash and a 4x digital zoom. In well-lit situations this camera captures sharp, bright photos. On the computer screen, the red tones are a tad too present at times. Thanks to the mobile phone's large TFT screen you can focus on many details while shooting, which gives a good overview of the final result. The camera's basic settings such as white balance, resolution, effects and frames can be adjusted through the quick menu. In the main screen, you can directly activate or deactivate the flash and self-timer.

Samsung Armani

Samsung Armani mobile phone review
In short, the Giorgio Armani mobile phone has many built-in possibilities that allow you to take nice pictures. A disappointment is the clearly present shutter lag; after pressing the shutter button it takes about 3 to 4 seconds before the picture appears on the screen. This will make a composition turn out slightly different than what you had in mind. In my case it happened frequently that my object moved before I was able to capture it or that it had already left. For close-up photography you might want to use a different camera since the auto focus of the Armani is unable to correctly focus objects closer than 70 cm. The Samsung Armani also lets you capture plain videos. Read the full Samsung Armani review at LetsGoMobile.

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