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Kodak photo frames

Dennis Hissink
Photokina report
Saturday 4th, October 2008
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

If you are well acquainted with the imaging world, you likely remember the enormously huge hall Kodak used to claim for its company to showcase and introduce the Kodak assortment. This is hard to imagine after visiting the Photokina 2008. The old Kodak is no longer today's Kodak. That is to say, Kodak doesn't seem to be that prominently present in the field of consumer electronics, and the Kodak booth seems to confirm this. There is a line-up of the digital compact cameras on the counter; waiting for visitors, however, the digital photo frames seems to have taken over. These frames stem from a long generation of digital photo frames of which these recent frames benefit since they are packed with all sorts of technical novelties.

Kodak photo frames

Kodak OLED digital photo frame
Take Kodak's latest OLED digital photo frame for example. The OLED technology perfectly suits a product like a digital photo frame. The extreme wide viewing angle of around 180 degrees and the high contrast of around 30,000:1 make the list perfect for the sitting room. Compared to a standard LCD photo frame, the contrast of the Kodak photo frame is considerably higher. This was very much noticeable when Kodak demonstrated the new OLED photo frame.

Kodak photo frames

Photo frames with OLED display
The Kodak photo frame is equipped with an SD format card slot which offers the user the possibility of directly reproducing the captured pictures from the camera to the OLED photo frame. In addition, the digital photo frame offers WiFi communication enabling wireless connection to the Internet, the computer etc. The digital photo frame will become available as soon as this year. The price might make the consumer hesitate; for if you purchase the photo frame in the United States through Kodak, you will have to pay the amount of $999.

Kodak photo frames

Kodak product line-up at Photokina
• Kodak EasyShare Z1485 IS
• Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS
• Kodak EasyShare M1093 IS
• Kodak EasyShare M1073 IS
• Kodak EasyShare M1063
• Kodak EasyShare C913
• Kodak OLED picture frame
• Kodak EasyShare photo frames

Kodak cameras at Photokina
Kodak has a lot of in-house technique, and the consumer will undoubtedly come across this technique one way or another. Yet, we still regret the decrease of Kodak's presence in the field of consumer electronics. We're very well able to remember the introduction of the Kodak 14 megapixel DCS-14n DSLR camera (Photokina 2002); which was the perfect moment and eagerly awaited by so many DSLR enthusiasts. The fact that these very enthusiasts will have to settle for a series of rather unanimous EasyShare compact cameras is rather sad. See the complete Kodak photo gallery at LetsGoDigital.

Kodak photo frames

Photokina 2008 Booth Tours
• Canon
• Casio
• Fujifilm
• Hasselblad
• HP
• Kodak
• Leica
• Nikon
• Nikonians
• Olympus
• Panasonic
• Pentax
• Samsung
• Sigma
• Sony
• Tamron

Kodak photo frames

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