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Olympus cameras at Photokina

Dennis Hissink
Photokina report
Saturday 4th, October 2008
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Most surprising was the presentation of a twosome so-called Micro FourThirds system concept models at the Photokina 2008. However, it does not come across as a well thought-out strategy; on the contrary, it seems that Olympus wants to tickle us with something that in the end might not be available. At least, that is what it looks like to an outsider. However; when talking to various R&D employees of Olympus, the official statement is that Olympus doesn't find the time is right to present a camera fully based on the Micro FourThirds system. In order to develop a true compact Micro Four Thirds System camera with the highest possible image quality, Olympus takes its time, unlike Panasonic; since this company already presented a working camera with the aforementioned system.

Olympus cameras

Olympus Micro FourThirds camera concept
The design concept showcased at Photokina, should offer a sneak peek as to what Olympus plan to do with the Micro Four Thirds System. Whereas the Panasonic LUMIX G1 still slightly resembles the traditional DSLR, the concept Olympus is showing is completely different. Its design looks more like a rangefinder camera, or a standard compact camera if you wish. In addition, Olympus announced to enable support of the current series of Four Thirds lenses through the availability of an adaptor. This type of camera is expected to become available in 2009.

Olympus cameras

Olympus camera concepts
A second concept, this time one of the FourThirds system, was also showcased in the Olympus booth. This camera will be available in the first half of 2009. The Olympus E-xx is quite similar to the Olympus top model DSLR camera; the E-3 of the company's Four Thirds line. The Olympus camera will feature a vari-angle and fold-down LCD monitor in its final version, and emphasis will be put on the possibility of more creative shooting using special creative filters and such. More information about both concepts is expected in the near future.

Olympus cameras

Olympus product line-up at Photokina 2008
• Olympus Micro FourThirds camera
• Olympus FourThirds camera
• Olympus E-3
• Olympus E520
• Olympus E-420
• Olympus SP-565 UZ
• Olympus Mju 1060
• Olympus Mju 1050SW
• Olympus Mju 1040
• Olympus FE-370
• Olympus FE-360
• Olympus FE-20

Olympus compact cameras
The Olympus booth looked good; with enough space and light to show certain typical Olympus camera functions in various demonstrations. The waterproof features of some Mju compact cameras were proven by pushing the cameras under water, and also special some underwater housings were demonstrated as an option for the aquatic sports lover. Unfortunately, the camera line introduced last month was not able to surprise us. Although some cameras offer some handy new features, it isn’t exactly groundbreaking, and all of it is based on previous models. See the full Olympus Photokina photo gallery at LetsGoDigital.

Olympus cameras

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Olympus cameras

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