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Ricoh CX4

Dennis Hissink
Photokina report
Sunday 22nd, August 2010
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Photokina 2010 report : Ricoh announces the release of the new CX4 compact digital camera. This new design offers high-power (10.7×), wide-angle 28-300 mm optical zoom and improved image-sensor-shift image stabilization in a workmanlike yet stylish package. The new Ricoh CX4’s evolved image-sensor-shift image stabilization reduces blur on average by the equivalent of about 3.7 EV-3.7 shutter-speed stops-for improved performance under dim indoor lighting and at high zoom ratios. The Ricoh CX4 camera also offers a new "subject-tracking AF" autofocus system that automatically tracks your subject, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to release the shutter.

Ricoh CX4

Ricoh CX4 digital camera features
In addition, Ricoh has further developed features for the Ricoh CX4, designed to enhance the photographic experience, including a "night landscape multi-shot mode” that combines four exposures into a single photograph for reduced image noise, and a "creative shooting mode" that brings out the artist in everyone with soft focus, cross process, and toy camera effects. With portability enhanced by a newly-designed body featuring molded curves that make it easier to slip the Ricoh CX4 camera into your pocket, the Ricoh CX4 compact digital camera represents another advance in Ricoh’s philosophy of designing “A tool you will want to use every day."

Ricoh CX4

Ricoh CX4 compact camera
The Ricoh CX4 offers completely reworked image-sensor-shift image stabilization, which reduces blur caused by camera movement-a phenomenon that is particularly likely to occur in close ups, at high zoom ratios, and in other similar situations. The effect is equivalent to increasing shutter speed by an average of about 3.7 stops. The camera's noise reduction algorithm processes the image signal as it is output from the CMOS image sensor, reducing noise without affecting resolution, tone, or color. Setting noise reduction to "MAX" enables variance-estimation noise reduction that analyzes the distribution of noise in the data captured by the image sensor and optimizes processing for individual areas of the image. The back-illuminated, 10-megapixel CMOS image sensor offers improved low-light performance.

Ricoh CX4

Ricoh CX4 camera lens
Ricoh's unique retracting lens system allows a wide-angle, high-power (10.7×) zoom lens to be incorporated into a compact camera body only 29.4mm thick. With picture angles that range from 28mm (wide angle) to 300mm (telephoto), this high-power zoom lens is adapted to almost any situation. Choose wide angles for landscapes or cramped interiors that limit the distance between camera and subject, or zoom in for compelling telephoto shots. Choose "soft focus mode" for an effect similar to that produced by soft-focus lenses. The strength of the effect can be selected from "weak" and "strong." Select "cross-process mode" for colors that differ markedly from those in normal photographs. Choose a color scheme from "basic," "magenta," and "yellow." "Toy camera mode" replicates the sharp contrast and saturated colours associated with toy cameras, together with their characteristic distortion and vignetting. The Ricoh CX4 also offers the "dynamic range double shot," "miniaturize," and "high-contrast B&W" modes made popular by the Ricoh CX3.

Ricoh CX4

Ricoh CX4 includes a 3" LCD monitor
The large, high-resolution LCD monitor boasts high contrast and a wide viewing angle. A fluorine coating keeps the monitor free of stains, while a hard coating and anti-reflection coating prevent scratches and ensure that the display in the monitor is clearly visible even outdoors in bright sunlight. Wide-gamut color reproduction (100% of sRGB) ensures that colors are displayed vividly and with high fidelity. The Ricoh CX4 offers high burst rates of about 5 frames per second (fps) during continuous shooting. Macro mode can be used to take photos at distances as close as 1cm when the camera is zoomed out to a focal length equivalent to 31mm in 35mm format, or at distances as close as 28cm when the camera is zoomed all the way in. "Scene auto mode" offers the ultimate in "point-and-shoot" photography: just point the Ricoh CX4 at your subject and let the camera optimize settings for best results. The camera can record HD movies with a frame size of 1,280×720 pixels.

Ricoh CX4

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