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Olympus E5

Dennis Hissink
Photokina report
Wednesday 15th, September 2010
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Report Photokina 2010 - Olympus has cornered the market in robust D-SLR design in recent years and its E-3 and E-1 cameras are synonymous with go-anywhere, shoot-anything pro-standard photography. Now Photokina will offer professional photographers a first reassuring grip of the new Olympus D-SLR powerhouse designed for imaging on the edge: the next generation flagship Olympus E-5. The direct successor to the award-winning E-3, the E5’s all-terrain lightweight rigid magnesium alloy body is dustproof, splashproof, incredibly robust - and ready to rough it on even the toughest assignments. And it’s not just the build quality that puts the competition to shame.

Olympus E5

Olympus E5 Four Thirds camera
The new flagship combines Four Thirds lens compatibility and a more powerful image processor to deliver photographs of the very highest calibre. In tandem with the remarkable Zuiko Digital lens system, the new 12.3 Megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor and TruePic V+ processor capture more detailed and sharper images than comparable D-SLRs. The Olympus E5 sets new standards in reliability, speed and creativity. In addition to Olympus’ unique Supersonic Wave Filter dust reduction system, it features a 3 inch VGA Swivel LCD, a 1/8000th sec. high-speed shutter with 5fps sequential shooting, IS0 6400, HD Movie, wireless flash and ten Art Filters. With the E5, professionals can stay creative in virtually any conditions. If they can hack it, so can their camera. The Olympus E5 will be available for €1,699 from October 2010.

Olympus E5 water and dustproof camera body
When the going gets tough, professional photographers get an Olympus D-SLR. Designed specifically for excellent performance in extreme conditions, the Olympus E-5 gives its owner unrivalled peace of mind. Its lightweight magnesium alloy body is dustproof, splashproof and incredibly robust. The Olympus E5 also has the specifications to deliver the reliability professionals crave - from the industry-leading Supersonic Wave Filter dust reduction system to the 100% field of view in the large viewfinder. Wherever they are, and however harsh the environment, Olympus E5 users can confidently concentrate on the essentials: capturing images that are simply world-class.

Olympus E5

Olympus E5 camera for professional photographers
The new Olympus E5 harnesses Olympus imaging innovations to give professional photographers a tool of the very highest standard. Picture quality is second to none. Compared to equivalent D-SLRs, images are more detailed and sharper - thanks to a unique combination of features. A 12.3 Megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor joins forces with the new TruePic V+ image engine that uses a new algorithm to exhaustively process each individual pixel. Harnessing the full potential of the celebrated Zuiko Digital Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens system, together these components produce exceptional photographs. Irrespective of the choice of lens, image quality is further enhanced by sensitivity that extends to ISO 6400.

Olympus E5

Olympus E5 Filters
Wireless flash, multi exposure mode and ten Art Filters give creative ambitions free rein. The Olympus E5 marks the debut of Olympus’ spectacular Dramatic Tone Art Filter that generates a virtual HDR image with just one shot. All the Art Filters can be applied to still shots and the High Definition movies that the Olympus E-5 records in the pristine 720p / 30fps format. With a built-in mono microphone, stereo microphone jack and HDMI interface, this D-SLR is fully equipped to record movies fit for full-size High Definition TVs. SD and CompactFlash card slots provide extra storage capacity for the data-rich film files.

Olympus E5

Action photography with the Olympus E5 SLR
For top-level professional photographers, speed is vital - and the Olympus E5 does not disappoint. It features Olympus’ celebrated Supersonic Wave Drive built-in image stabilisation system and a super-quick 11-point full twin cross auto-focus system to cleanly capture even the fastest-moving subjects. Horizontal and vertical sensor lines mean this system effectively draws on 44 different points to calculate the focus. Shutter speed of 1/8000th second and 5fps burst shooting perfectly complement another Olympus highlight: the versatile 3 inch VGA swivel LCD with 921,000 dots resolution. The big display and superb response time make light of action photography, even from difficult angles.

Olympus E5 price & availability
The new Olympus E5 camera will be available from October 2010 for €1,699.

Olympus E5

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