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Olympus FE-5040

Posted by: Mark Peters Tuesday 24th, August 2010

Photokina 2010 Report : The Olympus FE digital compact camera series continues to raise the bar in easy-to-use compact zoom cameras with the new Olympus FE-5040 digital camera. An elegant design and technical innovation remains great value for money with this new Olympus FE camera model. Get everything in the shot with up to 5x wide optical zoom and let your creativity loose with six Magic Filters, including the new Wedding and Rock filters. Plus, with AF tracking, i-Auto mode and Digital Image Stabilisation. The Olympus FE-5040 compact camera makes capturing great shots so easy. Available in a range of striking colours, the Olympus FE-5040 camera also features Advanced Face Detection Technology, an SD memory card slot and a USB charger.

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Olympus FE-4050

Posted by: Mark Peters Tuesday 24th, August 2010

Photokina 2010 Report - Olympus announces the Olympus FE-4050, a compact digital camera featuring 4x optical zoom lens from wide angle of 27mm in a slim, high quality camera body, offered in stylish colors. The "Fashionable & Elegant" FE series digital cameras from Olympus incorporate an impressive array of advanced functions in a slim, stylish body. User-friendly functions include easy-to-understand descriptions of camera modes and other functions on the LCD monitor and an iAUTO function that automatically optimizes the camera settings by analyzing the scene. The new Olympus FE-4050 digital camera is scheduled to go on sale from September 2010.

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Olympus T10

Posted by: Mark Peters Tuesday 24th, August 2010

Photokina 2010 report : The new Olympus T10 digital compact camera combines a slim, stylish design with exceptionally easy operation. Features include the Easy Navigation function that provides simple, easy-to-understand explanations of camera modes and functions on the LCD monitor. The Intelligent Auto mode automatically detects 4 different types of scenes (Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene & Portrait, Macro) and adjusts the Olympus digital camera settings accordingly. So now you can start shooting at a moment's notice, without changing the shooting mode.

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Olympus Mju 7050

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Tuesday 24th, August 2010

2010 Photokina report - Olympus announces the introduction of the new Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera, featuring a 7x zoom lens, HD movie recording, Magic Filters, and Magic Movies which can apply the Magic Filters effects to movie recordings. Olympus Mju digital cameras combine slim, stylish designs with outstanding high-magnification zooming performance. The new Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera is equipped with True Pic 3 image processing engine, which is originally developed for a Interchangeable lens digital camera, delivering natural color fidelity and wide dynamic range. The Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera is scheduled to go on sale in Japan from late August, 2010.

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Kodak EasyShare M590

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Tuesday 24th, August 2010

Photokina 2010 Report - Kodak introduces the new Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera, the ultimate social networking accessory for people who love to share their digital pictures. With Kodak's exclusive Share Button, consumers can tag pictures and videos directly on the digital camera for effortless uploading to popular social networking sites including Facebook, Kodak Gallery, Flickr, Orkut, and YouTube. The new Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera will be available this fall for US $199.95 and will be sold in silver, red, purple and blue.

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Ricoh CX4

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 22nd, August 2010

Photokina 2010 report : Ricoh announces the release of the new CX4 compact digital camera. This new design offers high-power (10.7◊), wide-angle 28-300 mm optical zoom and improved image-sensor-shift image stabilization in a workmanlike yet stylish package. The new Ricoh CX4ís evolved image-sensor-shift image stabilization reduces blur on average by the equivalent of about 3.7 EV-3.7 shutter-speed stops-for improved performance under dim indoor lighting and at high zoom ratios. The Ricoh CX4 camera also offers a new "subject-tracking AF" autofocus system that automatically tracks your subject, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to release the shutter.

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Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 22nd, August 2010

Although a digital camera with built-in projector is still pretty gadgety, Nikonís newest projector camera, the Nikon Coolpix S1100pj, has something extra to offer. The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj is the successor to the Nikon S1000pj. This model was the first digital compact camera with a built-in projector with which it is possible to project photos and videos onto a flat surface. In itself this is a very clever achievement, but for the wider public the phenomenon remained unknown, or it was just too much of a gadget for the average user. Of course it also comes with a price, which will undoubtedly play a role in the acquisition of such a camera with gadget function.

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Nikon Coolpix S5100 review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 22nd, August 2010

The Nikon Coolpix S5100 digital camera lies in between the Nikon Coolpix S4000 and the Coolpix S6000, in terms of numbering. This also seems to be the case in terms of technical specifications. With 5x optical zoom and a range of 28-140 mm, connected to a CCD image sensor with an effective resolution of 12.2 Megapixels, the Nikon Coolpix S5100 compact camera fits nicely in between them. It is Nikonís answer to the storm of relatively cheap entry-level cameras that are being offered by virtually every manufacturer on every street corner. It is difficult for a manufacturer to distinguish itself in this price segment. Nikon does this by equipping the digital camera with a new image processor.

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The market for digital compact cameras is steady but does no longer show a significant growth. Within the camera market, the digital SLR camera expanded its market share which gave camera manufacturers like Nikon and Canon a boost in sales. However, the DSLR segment is changing and although the traditional DSLR is still the most important one for consumer and professional photographers, a new segment is grabbing market share and attention from the public. Micro Four Thirds, and other system cameras from Sony and Samsung, could change todayís market share. Canon and Nikon will not give away their market share for freeÖ Photokina 2012 Imaging & Trade show will be the place to be and to get the latest information from all camera manufacturers and their digital cameras.


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