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Canon IXUS 980 IS test photos

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Wednesday 8th, October 2008

LetsGoDigital received a test model of the Canon Digital IXUS 980 IS. A new sibling of the IXUS series that is gradually consisting of a huge amount of models. The Canon IXUS 980 IS however, is no longer true to tradition that used to evolve around design and a convenient (full auto) operation. The Canon 980 IS camera offers the possibility of manual aperture or shutter setting, just like the main part of the PowerShot models. This is a setting that I myself have been waiting for impatiently. And it is exactly that combination of a stylishly designed camera, at which you don't only have to depend on an auto camera setting, that is appealing to the photographer.

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Canon PowerShot E1 test photos

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Tuesday 7th, October 2008

Surprising; that is how the design of Canon's latest digital compact camera can be called. It aims at the female consumer, although I can see a much broader target group than just the female half of our population, to be honest. With its availability in many different colours, the design reminds me of the retro refrigerators. You know, the ones with the nicely curved edges and the shiny material used. In any case; I have received a Canon PowerShot E1 sample from Canon right before my departure to the Photokina show. Upon my return from a hectic week at the Photokina, where a lot of interesting news will be revealed this year, I will review the Canon PowerShot E1 with priority.

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Ricoh R10 test photos

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Monday 6th, October 2008

Recently Ricoh Japan introduced a stylish compact camera; the Ricoh R10. This camera was one of the showpieces at the Ricoh booth during the Photokina show. The Ricoh R10 features a 10 Megapixel CCD and a 7.1x wide angle zoom lens. The new Rioch camera is beautifully finished and has a solid feel to it. The test sample we received has a unique color setting in a brown, dark grey and metallic look. In the very near future a sample will be welcomed in our DIWA lab too and will be tested rigorously according to DIWA's standardized test procedure. DIWA Lab test results will be combined with the test in practice and subsequently a full Ricoh R10 review will be published.

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Panasonic DMC-LX3 review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Monday 22nd, September 2008

Over the last few years, Panasonic has worked hard to build up a recognizable camera line. And it is quite obvious that they have succeeded, if we look at the market figures that were revealed during an international press event. Panasonic is ranked at the number 1 position in the compact camera segment in no less than five European countries, which is an impressive achievement. If we take a look at Panasonic's assortment it is not surprising they have taken the first rank. At an early stage, Panasonic chose to equip its entire line with an optical image stabilizer and gave priority to a wide angle zoom lens. These are two of the most important features through which Panasonic have distinguished themselves from others.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 gallery

Posted by: Mark Peters Sunday 21st, September 2008

LetsGoDigital found some time to work with the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 for a short period of time. As far as they concerned, this should be the most interesting development of the year 2008. A while ago, Panasonic introduced the Micro FourThirds system in cooperation with Olympus, which is a further developed camera system based on the Four Thirds standard, shortly after which Panasonic introduced the new G1. This is even more surprising since you would not expect this kind of innovative modification to the interior of the traditional camera by an electronics manufacturer. On the other hand, perhaps you would expect it from a manufacturer as Panasonic, who might have a different view on photography.

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Sony DSLR-A900 Gallery

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Friday 12th, September 2008

After attending the press event in Edinburgh where Sony introduced their long-awaited Alpha flagship I had some time to enter the highlands and shoot with the new Sony Alpha 900 camera. The new Sony DSLR-A900 24.6 Megapixel DSLR camera is the first full format high resolution model of Sony’s Alpha line-up. The Sony A900 sets a new benchmark, not only because it features the industry’s first ever 24.6 effective megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, but the Sony A900 forces also a price breakthrough. In the Netherlands Sony will tag its flagship with a price of Euro 2999 for the body, and that is including VAT.

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Sony CyberShot W170 review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Tuesday 9th, September 2008

The first quarter of a year tends to be the busiest period for most manufacturers, since many introductions are usually made at that specific time. In January, the first large consumer electronics show kicks off, the CES in Las Vegas; which generally forms the start of the first camera introductions. In 2008, the PMA was held right after the CES show, leading to a genuine flood of new compact and DSLR cameras. So did Sony, and the Sony Cybershot W170 belongs to the first series of this year. The Sony Cybershot W170 is a camera model of the W-series; models that aim at a straightforward operation, yet, are equipped with the latest innovative techniques.

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Nikon D90 test photos

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Monday 1st, September 2008

As far as we can see, the first test samples offer high image quality. High ISO can be used with excellent results, through which Nikon continues its success that started with the introduction of the Nikon D3 and D300, and the Nikon D700 soon after. The user-friendliness for the Nikon user is superb as always and everything looks very familiar. These test photos have been taken with a full production model, meaning that this model is equivalent to the model that will be available to the consumer in September. The location of the pictures is the Amsterdam Zoo, called Artis, in the Netherlands.

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The market for digital compact cameras is steady but does no longer show a significant growth. Within the camera market, the digital SLR camera expanded its market share which gave camera manufacturers like Nikon and Canon a boost in sales. However, the DSLR segment is changing and although the traditional DSLR is still the most important one for consumer and professional photographers, a new segment is grabbing market share and attention from the public. Micro Four Thirds, and other system cameras from Sony and Samsung, could change today’s market share. Canon and Nikon will not give away their market share for free… Photokina 2012 Imaging & Trade show will be the place to be and to get the latest information from all camera manufacturers and their digital cameras.