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DIWA awarded Pro 815 at Photokina

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Monday 2nd, October 2006

The Samsung booth drew quit a lot of attention and especially the new NV-series were quite appealing to a lot of the visitors. Of course the new 10 Megapixel Samsung GX10 made people curious and a lot of them wanted to find out what the deal is between Samsung and Pentax. Somehow it surprised me to see that Samsung did not introduce a real 100% Samsung-only DSLR. This new model seems to be the first end-result of the cooperation between Samsung and Pentax and we were promised that we may expect more to come…

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Nikonians nude shoot

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Monday 2nd, October 2006

The guys from Nikonians were having a booth in Hall 2, level 1. Above them, at level 2, big company names like Nikon and Olympus had their booth so there was a huge number of visitors in that area. Twice a day Nikonians kicked-of with a studio shoot-out and within minutes a lot of Nikonians or perhaps wannabe Nikonians gathered around the Nikonians booth. With the model photo shooting Pascal Baetens demonstrated how to direct the model and come to an end-result you had in your mind.

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Fujifilm synchronized shooting

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Friday 29th, September 2006

Always wanted to shoot your subject from multi-angles in just one shot? Take a look at Fujifilm synchronized shooting set-up. With just one main digital camera and a bunch of remote cameras each of them positioned in the best strategic position possible Fujifilm is able to shoot a subject from various angles with just one shot. Releasing the shutter on the main camera triggers virtually simultaneously release of shutters on remote camera linked by WiFi. Each digital camera records the captured image in its internal memory. The main camera and remote cameras are connected on an one-on-one basis via ad-hoc mode.

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Imaging Resource goes Photokina

Posted by: Mark Peters Friday 29th, September 2006

Of course we are not the only one covering this great event, also the guys from Imaging Resource, the US based online digital imaging magazine launched way back in 1998, are present at the Photokina 2006. Caught with my super wide angle lens, never had the chance to hide… haha, I ran into the video crew of Imaging Resource at the Fujifilm booth. Those of you who are interested in seeing the Photokina in real action definitely need to visit the special Photokina report of the Imaging Resource.

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Olympus to develop wooden camera?

Posted by: Mark Peters Thursday 28th, September 2006

Olympus announces the development of a three dimensional compression moulding process for wooden materials. The new process draws extensively on Olympus expertise in precision metal-forming technologies. The processed wooden material has the feel and grain pattern of natural wood, but is much harder than engineering plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate resins. Strong enough to be used to create the outer casings of electronic products, the material can enhance the aesthetic value and pleasure of ownership that those products provide. A prototype example of a camera case created using this new technology will be exhibited at the photokina 2006, being held in Cologne, Germany.

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Lumix cameras used for Unesco project

Posted by: Mark Peters Tuesday 26th, September 2006

Panasonic is backing OUR PLACE - The World's Heritage, a project that will create the largest-ever photographic collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The photographs will be published under the OUR PLACE brand in an initial series of 10 books which will be released over the next five years. A team of international photographers will cover the sites from their physical and geographical aspects, as well as document the human presence and interaction that helps make them so important to mankind. An interactive website will be launched later next year, when sufficient images are available. The website will feature World Heritage site photographs and background information.

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SanDisk memory distributed by CellStar

Posted by: Mark Peters Tuesday 26th, September 2006

CellStar Corporation announced that SanDisk, the world's largest supplier of flash data storage card products, has named CellStar a distributor for its extensive line of flash memory cards for the mobile phone industry. "Memory cards are used on an increasingly large number of handsets, such as music phones, television-capable phones, pocket PCs and PDAs. The storage devices are also popular with customers who store and send pictures and videos," said Maria Hernandez, U.S. Region Vice President and General Manager at CellStar. "Our extensive network of carriers, dealers and resellers are very excited about being able to offer customers these premier SanDisk memory products."

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Victor by Hasselblad paper magazine

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Tuesday 26th, September 2006

In keeping with the Hasselblad philosophy of developing products of outstanding quality that are ahead of their time, and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Victor Hasselblad’s birth, Hasselblad is launching at photokina a truly innovative publication for professional photographers - Victor by Hasselblad. By showcasing the work of selected photographers and describing how they capture their best images, Victor by Hasselblad hopes to inspire professional photographers to new levels of digital photographic excellence. Setting a new standard in photographic magazines, Victor by Hasselblad will be published quarterly in print with an online presence that will be refreshed monthly.

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The Photokina Messe 2010 will be the event where manufacturers will be able to share its latest status within the market of imaging. Are they moving on, will they merge, or did they survived the worldwide financial crisis and already aim to expand their market share with new and innovative electronic devices and professional services? The market is competitive and will remain so in the following years. But it has become clear that manufacturers need to adept to the change of the consumer, or loose contact with the consumer market at all. Consumers connect via modern communication channels are better informed than before. Social media is for many consumers part of their daily lives where as companies still need to find out how and when to communicate at all. The Photokina 2010 show will give the companies a change to present themselves in full glory, stay tuned for our live Photokina report!


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