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Samsung introduces new 7 Megapixel Digimax V70
With a 7 Megapixel high definition CCD, the Digimax 100 V70 gives photographers the ability to print up to A1 size of poster with great detail. Coupled with the on camera trimming function this means you can get the shot you want without using a PC. The Digimax V70 has 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 38mm –114mm in 35mm format) and a further 5x digital zoom to give 15x total zoom. In addition, the Digimax V70 uses a Schneider Kreuznach lens, recognised throughout the world as being one of the leading quality lenses available, producing crystal clear images. The 2-inch, 117,00 pixels, LCD screen may be rotated up to 270 degrees enabling users to photograph themselves or to get great shots from new and different angles. Also, the screen can be rotated to adjust the LCD visibility when in bright light conditions.

The Digimax V70 uses MPEG-4, a high-compression, high-quality movie clip file format, which can record up to 3 or 4 times longer than MJPEG, the usual format for DSC movie clips. The Digimax V70 can even be used as a camcorder since it supports more than 1 hour of video and audio recording time if you are using a 256MB memory card. The movies can then be played back at TV quality as the Digimax V70 can process movies at up to 30 frames per second. The length of the clip is only restricted by the amount of memory available. The movies can then be edited using a special edition of VideoImpression software included in the box. For more advanced users, the Digimax V70 also has manual picture-taking functions. The camera has detailed focus control with Manual Focusing. It also enables manual control of exposure using Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and fully manual options. Exposure may be controlled by the easy to use Jog Dial in conjunction with an AE Lock function.
Samsung Digimax V70
Samsung Digimax V70
The user can also choose from 10 preset types of Scene modes (Portrait / Children / Landscape / Close-up / Sunset / Dawn / Backlight / Fireworks / Beach&Snow / Text). Text mode is a new feature setting the Digimax V70 to shoot documents like books, magazines, and newspapers. Users can save the image file that is captured in Text mode, as a text or .doc file using the Digimax Reader software, also included. The Digimax V70 can use 9 kinds of power supply using the unique technology of Samsung. These various types of power supply means that the user never has to worry about running out of power. The exclusive 1400mAh Li-ion battery enables users to take up to 440 images on one charge. This feature provides greater flexibility for photographers who use the continuous or burst modes.

You can get as close as 4cm using the Digimax V70 macro (close-up) function. By employing a high precision lens design and processing technology, the Digimax V70 is capable of accurate focus control even when taking macro shots. In addition, the Digimax V70 has an optional wide-angle conversion lens and telephoto conversion lens. The optional conversion lens and adapter can be mounted onto the Digimax V70 for a wider range of picture taking opportunities. The wide-angle conversion lens widens the view up to the equivalent of 27mm, enabling picture-taking for subjects as close as 1cm (normal minimum focusing ranges : 4cm~). The telephoto conversion lens increases the optical zoom from 3x to 5.1x enabling a total zoom capability of up to 25x, when combined with the digital zoom.

The Digimax V70 has an RGB Colour Effect control menu. Users can use this menu to set their own colour preferences for a given shot. Users can also adjust the image's sharpness in 3 steps and select photographic effects, such as B&W and Sepia. The Digimax V70 provides a variety of useful functions such as a My Set Shot Mode for snapshot, voice recording for up to 1 hour, voice memo to record short voice messages onto pictures and one-touch playback even when the power is off. Even the menu can be customized to suit the user. The Digimax V70 provides a substantially quicker transfer rate with USB 2.0 as compared to existing USB 1.1. The PictBridge function of the Digimax V70 allows pictures taken by the camera to be directly printed without PCs, so users can immediately get clear 7 mega-pixel prints by directly connecting the camera to a printer supporting the PictBridge function.
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