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Photokina 2006 Imaging World

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Saturday 17th, June 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Imaging is more - Photokina is more: Starting on September 26, 2006, Photokina Imaging World will once again be setting the standard as the global information and communication platform of the imaging sector, with the latest techniques, products, applications and services. It is the wide range of products on show, which cover the entire scope of the complex imaging market that makes Photokina 2006 unique. At the same time, the leading trade fair is presenting itself in a new light: The modified concept of the “new Photokina” and the premiere in the new Cologne exhibition center ensure that even regular visitors to the show are eagerly awaiting this year’s event.

Photokina 2006 - Digital Imaging
It’s already clear that Photokina will live up to its reputation as the global sector highlight once again this year. The trade fair distinguishes itself in the booming global imaging market by its unique competence in imaging, expertise built up over decades. It is highly regarded by consumers and professionals alike. The fair’s popularity among renowned exhibitors is correspondingly high. Around 1,600 suppliers from 50 countries will be presenting at this year’s “World of Imaging,” with more than 60 percent of them coming from outside Germany.

Photokina Exhibitors - Product presentation
Around 160,000 visitors from 140 countries, mostly professional users and dealers, are expected in Cologne. All the leading companies of the global imaging sector will be represented, as will large suppliers from the CE, IT and telecommunications areas. Many of them, such as Epson, HP, Casio, Samsung and Panasonic, are participating with considerably larger trade show presentations in 2006 than two years ago. Nokia and Microsoft, which presented their product ranges at Photokina 2006 for the first time in 2004, are also represented with considerably larger stands. Companies premiering at this year’s trade fair include top-class new exhibitors, including CeWe Color (Europe’s largest photofinisher) and the global player Apple. “We’re happy and proud to be welcoming Apple to Cologne. It’s a company whose innovative, lifestyle-oriented products have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years,” says Koelnmesse Executive Vice President Oliver P. Kuhrt.

Photokina show - Visitors
Photokina is focused on the image’s development. Trade visitors from all over the world treasure Photokina for its holistic approach, which embraces every single aspect of the image, its creation, processing and presentation. That’s why the “new Photokina” is consistently oriented to the way of the image, turning it into the narrative that guides the visitor through the various areas and halls.

Photokina 2006 Imaging show - Consumers and Professionals
It has long been the case that the target groups “Consumers” and “Professionals” overlap: Products for semi-professionals are interesting and affordable for ever-increasing numbers of end consumers - and the manufacturers are increasingly turning to professionals and private users with an expanded product range. By transferring the imaging workflow in its entirety to the Cologne trade fair halls, Photokina is documenting these changing market conditions with a new structure. As a result, there will be areas dedicated to image Input, Image storage, Image Processing, Image Output and Image Presentation. Additional there will be areas Image accessories, equipments and consumables, which are important for the workflow. “This dispenses with the outdated separation of the consumer imaging and professional imaging areas,” says Kuhrt. Exhibitors and visitors will profit equally from the new concept. Thanks to the clearly structured topics and areas, orientation will be clear and the companies can position themselves to generate maximum attention in their respective segment.

Photokina program
With all of the technical novelties, products and services, Photokina is much more than a simple presentation of the international imaging sector. It’s also a unique contact platform for professional exchanges between exhibitors and visitors from around the world. True to the motto “Imaging is more,” the organizers have also conceived a top-quality supporting program for this year, a program that offers genuine added value to both the international trade dealers and imaging professionals as well as private visitors with a passion for photography. Photokina 2006 awaits, with some new features.

Photokina 2006 - Photographers and Professionals
Hall 1 will become a meeting place for imaging professionals from around the world. The Visual Gallery and the areas “Meet the Professionals” and “Academy meets Photokina” will be accommodated here. For the third time, the Visual Gallery will be the cultural highlight of Photokina. The best-known names at the Visual Gallery in 2006 will include the collector Prof. L. Fritz Gruber, who passed away last year and whose life work will be honoured in a retrospective exhibition, the Magnum photographer Martin Parr and the rock star Bryan Adams, whose photos of the actor Mickey Rourke will be on show. Once again in 2006, “Meet the Professionals” will serve as a contact forum for representatives of the creative worlds of photography, advertising, press content services and electronic media. User associations and organizations, and trade publishers, will be holding information events and workshops on current topics of interest here. At “Academy meets Photokina,” colleges and academies from Germany and abroad will be presenting their latest photographic and imaging projects, exhibitions and degree projects. It is being held in close cooperation with the German Society for Photography (DGPh), which will contribute a number of trade-specific presentations. By combining events that are conceived for and staged by imaging professionals, Photokina 2006 will offer established photographers and up-and-coming talents the unique opportunity to share creative ideas, make new contacts and strike up new business partnerships.

Photokina international panel discussion on digital printing
On the second day of the fair, the Deutsche Drucker Verlagsgesellschaft in cooperation with Koelnmesse will be staging a panel discussion titled “Digital Printing: Innovative Products and Systems for the Imaging Market” with international participants. The discussion will focus on current issues related to digital printing. According to the latest information, the participants will be Antonio Perez, President and CEO of Kodak; Anne Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO of Xerox; and Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice President of Hewlett Packard’s Imaging and Printing Group. The discussions will address the wealth of possibilities for the printing of digital consumer photos and innovative products for professional large-format printing.

Photokina 2006 International Specialist Trade Center
Service, information and convenience will be the main attractions of the International Specialist Trade Center in Passage 2/4. The center will be open exclusively to international trade dealers, the most important target group of the World of Imaging. The International Specialist Trade Center is supported by the Federal Association of the Technical Retail Trade (BVT), which represents the interests of all specialist trade groups that sell digital imaging products. The focal point will be the BVT Business Lounge. Every morning, dealers can thoroughly prepare here for an effective and efficient visit at the fair. The services offered include detailed trade fair information, specific product details, individual problem solving and access to special databases. There will also be a spacious meeting area, where participants can hold in-depth talks. Meanwhile, visitors can relax and take some time out from the hectic fair in a quiet lounge. The International Specialist Trade Center will be open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., in other words, from one hour before the start of the fair until one hour after it closes.

Photokina Imaging World 2006 - Lifestyle media
Taking a holistic approach, the World of Imaging will be staging a special presentation in Hall 9 to show how the convergence of information, communication and entertainment technology might look in the home. The image itself will be the focus of attention throughout. Meanwhile, “Lifestyle media at Photokina” places the focus squarely on hands-on experience with complete system solutions and applications, and on their practical use. Options for expert and efficient implementation of these solutions will also be presented. Images will be at the heart of all the solutions presented.

Photokina show 2006 - Young Imaging Days
Culture, too, will be on the agenda, alongside additional top-class international conferences, public events such as the Young Imaging Days, the photo community activity stage and the “Princess for one day” event. Throughout the exhibition center, prominent artists and talented amateurs will present impressive photography, which, as in previous years, will confirm the creative possibilities offered by the medium of photography.

Photokina 2006 Imaging World exhibition center
The attractive venue for Photokina 2006 is provided by Cologne’s new exhibition center, which has already generated a very positive response from exhibitors and visitors at several large trade fairs. The area is one of Europe’s most modern trade fair locations and, thanks to its short connecting paths and clear structure, it provides even better conditions for fruitful exchanges and new contacts, i other words, for successful business at the trade fair.

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