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Brother color inkjet All-in-Ones

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Monday 17th, July 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Brother International continues with its' reputation for providing market challenging, feature rich multi-function products by introducing a new line of low-profile color inkjet Multi-function Center (MFC) products - the MFC-240c ($99.99), MFC-440cn ($149.99), and MFC-665cw ($199.99). Each model keenly addresses the most dominant and evolving consumer requirements for more value added products. These three Brother products replace the current popular low-profile, flatbed MFC-210c, MFC-420cn and MFC-640cw models respectively. The new models will be available through all Brother sales channels beginning with the MFC-240c in late July, the MFC-440cn in mid September and the MFC-665cw in late-September.

Color inkjet All-in-One market
The growth of the color inkjet all-in-one market has exploded over the past 3 - 4 years. This growth has come from the continued expansion of the home office market and the migration of home / personal consumers who previously would buy single function color inkjet printers. Today, these consumers realize they can purchase a color inkjet all-in-one for the same or less than what their previous single function printer had cost. The multi-millions of color ink jet all-in-ones that have been sold (or bundled as "free" with PC purchases) have created a vastly more "educated" consumer, when it comes time to replace their existing color ink jet product.

Brother color inkjet multi-function products
Many consumers that purchased sub-$100 machines or were provided one as part of a personal computer bundle quickly learned that their performance was significantly less than anticipated. Experiences ranged from higher than expected consumable costs, PC-required copying or faxing functions, poor photo printing performance, and lack of network connectivity. These experiences are now playing a prominent role is defining what today's user requires to perform their daily tasks. These users have developed the savvy to anticipate future requirements, thus fueling the demand for emerging trends, such as photo printing and home networking... thus most consumers now have higher function demands and are more likely to spend over $100 to make sure the next product they purchase can meet the strong value expectations they now have.

Brother low-profile color inkjets - Value-added functionality
Brother's new line of low-profile color inkjet products have been developed with a slew of value-added functionality to address these increasing demands of today's home and home office consumers. Brother's new low profile line-up has been engineered to provide required features in a small footprint. Unlike similar sized, competitive units, Brother includes features such as stand-alone faxing and an auto-document feeder to complement standard robust printing, copying and scanning functions.

Brother low-profile color inkjets - Features
• Fast print speeds : Print speeds up to 25ppm black / 20ppm color for MFC-240c/440cn, and up to 27ppm black / 22ppm color for the MFC-665cw.
• Photo printing : Sharp, Vibrant Print quality due to the ability to print ink droplets as small as 1.5 picoliters and print resolutions up to 6000 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi).
• Network connectivity : Both the MFC-440cn and MFC-665cw come standard with a built-in Ethernet network interface to enable the sharing of printing, scanning, faxing and media card access amongst multiple users on the network. The MFC-665cw also has a built-in wireless (802.11b/g) network interface, allowing the freedom to place your MFC where it is convenient to access without the need to be connected to your computer with wires.

Brother MFC440cn & MFC665cw - PhotoCapture Center
Conveniently located on the front panel of the machines, the PhotoCapture Center feature enables users to easily print vibrant color photos with or without a computer. This feature is compatible with all major Media Cards and includes a PictBridge interface. The new Brother MFC440cn and the MFC665cw all-in-ones also include:
• Photo Bypass tray holds up to 20 sheets of 4" x 6" photo paper
• Flip-up Color LCD display provides the user with an easy to navigate interface as well as the ability to preview the photos before printing

Brother Color MFC inkjets - Innobella ink cartridges
All of the new Color MFCs will use Brother's new lineup of Innobella ink cartridges and photo papers. When used with our new print engine, The "Innobella" ink and paper enables and empowers consumers to accurately reproduce beautiful, vibrant, radiant color images; while simultaneously enhancing image permanence and longevity. Innobella inks and papers were conceived and engineered to become fundamental, operational components of an integrated printing "system". Together, this "system" delivers reliable, consistent and dazzling color reproductions from the first print to the last. The MFC-240c/440cn/665cw utilizes a 4-cartridge ink series to reduce ink waste by only requiring the user to replace the color that runs out. The new LC-51 series (Innobella) inks that support yields of 500 pages for black and 400 pages for each color cartridge (based on 5% page coverage).

Brother MFC-240c specifications
Base features include color printing, copying, scanning and faxing, plus:
• PC fax send and PhotoCapture Center technology
• Automatic document feeder that holds up to 10-pages
• Print speeds up to 25ppm black and 20ppm color
• Print resolutions up to 6000 x 1200 dpi

Brother MFC-440cn specifications
Includes all of the features of the MFC-240c plus:
• 2.0" flip-up color LCD display
• Photo bypass tray that holds up to 20 sheets of 4" x 6" glossy paper
• Network-Ready built-in Ethernet interface

Brother MFC-665cw specifications
Includes all of the features on the above two models plus:
• Print speeds up to 27ppm black and 22ppm color
• 2.5" flip-up color LCD display
• Ethernet-ready and built-in 802.11b/g interfaces
• Built-in Message Center features includes...
• Digital Answering Machine (stores up to 29 minutes)
• Full Duplex Speakerphone
• Convenient Telephone Handset

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