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Luuk Jurrien
Photokina report
Thursday 1st, June 2006
Posted by: Luuk Jurrien

Nikon Corporation announce the introduction of the D2xs professional digital SLR camera, maintaining the momentum set by the award-winning Nikon D2x. The D2xs builds on that success with a stunning array of refinements that improve overall camera performance and enhance the user experience. Following in the footsteps of the D2x, the D2xs shares many performance and design innovations with its sibling. It boasts the same Nikon DX-format image sensor as the D2x, for example, complimented with a range of revised features that make operation of the D2xs significantly more user-friendly. These include: refined viewfinder performance, a new LCD with a 170-degree wide viewing angle; significantly increased battery life.

Nikon D2xs

Nikon D2xs - AF Nikkor lenses
Delivering versatility that will be familiar to Nikon D2x users, the D2xs employs the Nikon DX Format sensor and Nikon F lens mount design shared by all Nikon SLR cameras. This guarantees seamless compatibility with all AF Nikkor lenses, as well as the rapidly expanding family of high-quality DX Nikkor lenses. In addition, image quality is given a boost with the incorporation of a CMOS image sensor which delivers an effective pixel count of 12.4 megapixels.

Nikon D2xs SLR - 12.4 Megapixels
The D2xss ability to capture 12.4 megapixel JPEG or RAW images at a rate of up to five frames per second in continuous shooting mode ensures a speedy yet satisfying performance, while continuous shooting at a rate of up to eight frames per second is made possible thanks to the High-Speed Crop function that captures a more specific, central area of the frame at 6.8 megapixel resolution.

Nikon D2xs

Nikon D2xs professional D-SLR - Adobe RGB
Professional photographers will also appreciate the ability to select Adobe RGB in any of three colour modes, making it possible to work with a wider range of colours to match highly diverse assignments and workflow environments, while complementing the NEF file at the same time. Furthermore, in-camera creative possibilities are extended through the addition of a new Black & White (sRGB) colour mode.

Nikon D2xs camera - 3D-Color Matrix Metering II
The D2xs combination of powerful image-processing technologies and 3D-Color Matrix Metering II means photographers can capture beautiful 12.4-megapixel images that will satisfy their requirement for larger files that are rich in detail, colour and smooth tonal range. The D2xs has also been refined to offer the advantage of 3D-Color Matrix Metering II in High-speed Crop mode.

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