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Photokina Mobile Imaging Conference

Mark Peters
Photokina report
Friday 25th, August 2006
Posted by: Mark Peters

International trade conference examines aspects of the "world of mobile imaging". As a result of ongoing developments in the imaging sector, more and more people from all social strata are now able to immediately record their impressions with digital images. Modern digital ultra-compact cameras have become popular among consumers, as have camera phones. As the number of people who constantly carry their mobile imaging devices with them grows, so too does the need for ways of sending and processing the resulting photographs quickly and under all manner of circumstances.

Photokina Conference

MMS messages
The technologies now available include MMS messages via cell phone, printing on compact photo printers, creating photo albums on the Internet and printing at a photo kiosk in the shop around the corner. The ability to easily send photos immediately to others or for processing has generated an enormous growth potential for photography. At photokina 2006, a great many products of mobile imaging will be on exhibit - from the compact camera and the camera cell phone to the mobile photo printer and the kiosk system. At the same time, the World of Imaging will also devote its supporting program to this topic, with a focus on the professional and technical aspects.

Mobile Devices Conference
In this context, the Imaging with Mobile Devices Conference at photokina 2006 in Cologne will deal with the issues raised by this development. In cooperation with Photo Imaging News, a worldwide biweekly market data and research publication, the Information Management Institute Inc. (IMI) and Prophoto GmbH, Koelnmesse is offering trade visitors to photokina an international conference that reviews the various developments in digital camera, digital camcorder and camera phone imaging and processing technologies and provides an opportunity to meet with people implementing these technologies throughout the world.

Picture-Taking with Mobile Imaging Devices
The first part of the conference, "Picture-Taking with Mobile Imaging Devices" deals with the developments of the international markets for mobile phones with camera functions, provides information about automatic digital image correction and examines trends in the use of kiosk systems. The second half of the event is headlined "Picture-Making from Mobile Imaging Devices" and examines the component of mobile imaging in which the images are recorded with the camera cell phone, the compact camera or the handy camcorder. In other words, it focuses on the further use and processing of the images created. In the framework of this aspect, the Mobile Imaging Conference deals with digital photobooks, online albums and the ordering of photos over the Internet, as well as with the question of what value-added products and services can be offered within this workflow.

Photokina Conference

Session I - Picture-Taking with Mobile Imaging Devices
07:30: Coffee & Registration
08:50: Opening Greeting Mike Willis, Managing Director, IMI Europe Ltd
09:00: Changing cameraphone user behaviour Steve Hoffenberg, Lyra Research Inc.
09:30: Worldwide cameraphone development Mikko Pikama, Nokia
10:00: The benefits of digital correction - Real color photography Brad Malcolm
10:30: Break
11:00: Online photo services: an evolving industry Ben Nelson, HP Imaging & Printing
11:30: Kiosk usage statistics Steve Giordano, Sr. Chairman/CEO, Lucidiom Inc.
12:00: Lunch

Session II - Picture-Making from Mobile Imaging Devices
12:00: Lunch and Registration
13:50: Opening Greeting Don Franz, Editor, Photo Imaging News
14:00: Making the image selection process entertaining Wulf Schmidt-Sacht
14:30: Creating photobooks through Kiosks Raffaella Manca, Oblò Multimedia
15:00: Break
15:30: Monetizing digital exposures Brad Kruchten, VP, Eastman Kodak
16:00: Order fulfilment of Mobile Images Kai Moenig, Fujicolor Central Europe
16:30: Panel Discussion - A call of simplify Capture/Print Workflow
18:30: photokina Party - Open to all participants

Mobile Imaging Conference
Additional information and registration forms for the Mobile Imaging Conference can be found on the home page of photokina. The participation fee is €295 for one session and €395 for both sessions. Registration: Each half-day session € 295 / Both sessions combined € 395. The conference will be held in English.

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