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Canon Explorers of Light program

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Wednesday 30th, August 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Canon USA has once again assembled a group of the world's leading professional photographers to provide insight, inspiration and education to future generations of creative photographers. Known as the "Explorers of Light," this prestigious panel of 78 Canon photographers delivers seminars, workshops, gallery showings and photo presentations at a variety of professional association and amateur photo groups and colleges across the country as a means of fostering imaging excellence and nurturing the increasingly digital art's next wave. Representing specialties and styles that span the gamut of photographic expression within the imaging profession, Canon's Explorers of Light program welcomes 20 new members to their ranks.

Canon program

Canon Explorers of Light Program
The new members have disparate disciplines as photojournalism, nature photography, wedding photography, portraiture, sailing and aviation photography. "The Explorers of Light program is, in the purest sense of the word, a mentoring program; a means of sharing hard-earned knowledge and expertise and of actually shedding light on the intricacies of imaging of all sorts," explained Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group at Canon USA., Inc. "It is a bridge between the professional photo community and coming amateur photographers, some of whom will move us, challenge us, make us laugh and make us cry with their images and their vision."

Canon Light program - Professional photographers
In addition to recognition as leaders within the photographic profession, the Explorers of Light photographers have one other thing in common: they are all Canon shooters. Whether capturing their images on film or digital media, this stellar group has all selected Canon as their cameras of choice. Among the returning Explorers of Light members are renowned photojournalists James Nacthwey, Harry Benson and Gerd Ludwig. Greg Gorman and Gregory Heisler are both well known for their celebrity and VIP portraiture, while Art Wolfe and Jim Brandenburg capture nature and wildlife in its truest form. Photographers Walter Iooss and Peter Read Miller are top sports shooters, year after year.

Canon Explorers of Light - New Explorer photographers
Joining the Explorers of Light roster for the first time are celebrated photographers such as Joe Buissink; Bob Davis; John Dibbs; Don Emmerich; Rod Evans; Hansen Fong; Paul Gero; Darrell Gulin; Jeff Hawkins; Stephen Johnson; Adam Jones; Vincent Laforet; Terrell Llyod; Andy Marcus; Parker Pfister; Fran Reisner; Ken Sklute; Onne Van Der Wal and Jeff Woods.

Canon Light program - Passion for photography
"We are very fortunate and honored to be able to gather a group whose abilities, achievements and passion for photography is unsurpassed," stated David R. Metz, director and assistant general manager of professional products marketing for the consumer imaging group at Canon USA, Inc. "To be able to now add to this illustrious group, photographers such as Joe Bussink, John Dibbs and Vince Laforet adds fresh insight and new ideas to those contributions of past Explorer members."

Canon Print Master program
As a subset of the Explorers of Light, Canon also continues with its previously announced "Print Master" program. Print Masters consist of a smaller group, whose particular expertise and experience in fine art printing will add new dimension to the program. "Both the Explorers of Light and the Print Masters will be available for seminars and workshops with key camera specialty dealers," added Metz. "Canon has the unique ability to promote high quality digital input and output and we intend to use our photographers to carry that message to professionals and advanced amateurs as well."

About Canon Explorers of Light program
Founded by Canon U.S.A., Inc., in 1995, the Explorers of Light program is a celebration of photography in all of its permutations and individual expressions of photographic excellence. Canon's Explorers of Light Photographers include: Sam Abell - Paul Aresu - Harry Benson - Clay Blackmore - Barbara Bordnick - Paul Bowen - Jim Brandenburg - Joe Buissink - John Paul Caponigro - Michele Celentano - Clint Clemens - Bruce Davidson - Bob Davis - John Dibbs - Jim Divitale - Bruce Dorn - Anthony Edgeworth - Rod Evans - Don Emmerich - Robert Farber - Hansen Fong - Dick Frank - Paul Gero - Greg Gorman - Michael Grecco - Lauren Greenfield - Darrell Gulin - Dirck Halstead - Jeff Hawkins - Gregory Heisler - Ryszard Horowitz - Walter Iooss, Jr. - Stephen Johnson - Adam Jones - Carol Kaplan - Lewis Kemper - David Hume Kennerly - Douglas Kirkland - Parish Kohanim - Steve Krongard - Vincent Laforet - Brian Lanker - George Lepp - Harvey Lloyd - Terrell Lloyd - Gerd Ludwig - Andy Marcus - Susan Meiselas - Eric Meola - Sheila Metzner - Peter Read Miller - Arthur Morris - James Nachtwey - William Neill - Parker Pfister - Chris Rainier - Denis Reggie - Fran Reisner - Seth Resnick - Roger Ressmeyer - Jack Reznicki - Rick Sammon - Jeff Schewe - Ken Sklute - Gil Smith - Melvin Sokolsky - David Stoecklein - Eddie Tapp - Michel Tcherevkoff - Joyce Tenneson - David Turnley - Onne Van Der Wal - Nick Vedros - Stephen Wilkes - Art Wolfe - James Wood - Jeff Woods - Monte Zucker.

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