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Minox DCC Leica M3

Mark Peters
Photokina report
Friday 15th, September 2006
Posted by: Mark Peters

The digital Classic Camera from Minox comes in a really stylish format! On the outside it features the miniaturized shell of the legendary Leica M3, designed in great detail, and inside it is packed with innovative technology in the form of a powerful digital camera. A unique harmony of classic design and state-of-the-art features. This new edition of the wee camera is a logical and up to date further development of the previous DCC model, and features a color monitor and a memory card slot, making the miniature camera geared to continue a success story. With the DCC Leica M3, Minox GmbH has demonstrated in a most impressive way how a legendary classic camera be revived.

Minox DCC Leica M3

Leica M3 - Lifestyle digital camera
The new DCC Leica M3 is a highlight in the segment of lifestyle digital cameras and is a milestone which has already acquired cult status in the history of the Wetzlar-based company with its rich tradition. The concept on which this small classic camera is based relays the strong points of Minox in a concise form: perfect, high-precision miniaturization of top technology combined with a touch of extravagance. Many details designed in metal enhance the form of the Minox DCC Leica M3 most effectively making it a real gem. The State-of-the-art technology and optical systems behind the nostalgic look provide images of a brilliant quality. Functional controls have been discretely integrated in the body, including the 1.5 inch TFT color monitor.

Minox Digital Classic Camera Leica M3
As a supplement to the optical viewfinder the display can optionally help the user compose the subject and provides information on the selected specific camera settings as well as on the number of images. At the same time the digital Minox Leica M3 is extremely easy to use and therefore excellently suited for those getting started in the world of digital photography. Based on its innovative, striking appearance it’s a real eye-catcher and guarantees unlimited photographic fun to people of all ages. In video mode it is possible to shoot film sequences with the wee DCC in AVI format.

Minox DCC Leica M-3 - Attractive design
The Minox Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 draws attention wherever it goes and its compact dimensions make it a permanent and attractive companion, ready to capture candid shots and memories of every occasion. It also serves as a reliable digital notebook. The scope of delivery includes a USB cable, a CD-Rom with software as well as a manual.

Minox DCC Leica M3 - Secure Digital memory card
With a resolution of up to five mega pixels, the new Digital Classic Camera delivers detailed images with an impressing sharpness. And there’s no need to worry about memory space. All data are stored on SD cards with a capacity of up to 2 GB. The engineers at Minox have been able to integrate a card slot in the small body next to the USB interface for transferring data to the computer. In addition, there is a 32 MB internal memory available for storing files. And for the first time a built-in Li-ion battery provides the camera power supply.

Technical Data Minox Leica M3
• Image sensor : 5,0 MP, CMOS Sensor (3,2 MP Hardware-resolution)
• Image resolution : Still: 2.060x1.920 pixels (interpolated) 2.048x1.536 (3,2 MP)
• Videoclip : 320 x 240 pixels
• Memory : Internal memory 32 MB NAND Flash memory
• External memory : SD card up to 2GB
• Image capacity : Super/high: Approx. 20 images
• Image capacity : Fine/high: approx. 30 images
• Image capacity : Fine/low: approx. 50 images
• Image capacity : Video: 60 seconds per clip
• Viewfinder : Optical (Galileian-Style)
• Display : 1,5’’ TFT LCD display
• Flash : Compatible with Minox Classic Camera Flash
• Lens : 4 elements glass lens with IR filter glass
• Focal length : 8,5 mm (corresponds to approx. 42 mm with 35 mm format)
• Lens aperture : F 3.0
• Zoom : 4x digital zoom
• Focus range : 0,5 m, 1m, infinity
• White balance : Automatic
• Shutter speed : Automatic
• Self-timer : 10 seconds
• Power supply : Rechargeable Lithium-Ion-Battery/USB-cable
• Auto power-off : OFF-Mode after 1 min. inactivity
• File format : Still: JPEG, Videoclips: AVI
• Support : Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Mac kompatibel
• Computer interface : USB-cable
• Dimensions : 74mm(L) x 47mm(W) x 44mm (H)

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