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Gitzo carbon fiber tripods

Mark Peters
Photokina report
Sunday 24th, September 2006
Posted by: Mark Peters

Gitzo, revered throughout the world for its precision and quality in bringing new products to market for both the professional photo and video - has redesigned it’s breakthrough 6X tripod technology. First launched in late 2005, 6X carbon fiber tripods utilized a revolutionary design process that reduced overall weight up to 17 percent without sacrificing strength or stability. The new generation of 6X tripods features an innovative “G-lock” mechanism, a new ground level feature, new upper discs and bolts The new G-lock - or gravity lock - mechanism represents Gitzo’s evolution of the twist lock system. The completely revised locks are faster, stronger and 20 percent more rigid than standard twist locks.

Gitzo tripods

Gitzo G-Lock gravity locking
Year after year, Gitzo has improved upon standard lock technology and, with this revolutionary G-Lock, has set itself once again as the market leader and standard setter. The unique cone shaped ramp and locking ring creates a “gravity locking” effect - the higher the Vertical load applied to the legs, the stronger the locking effect is, resulting in a rock solid tripod structure. “Photokina is very special for Gitzo this year. 2007 marks Gitzo’s 90th anniversary and, to celebrate, we are launching a new generation of carbon fiber tripods,” said Luca Alessandrini.

Gitzo light weighted carbon fiber tripods
“New high-tech and exclusive features such as the “G-Lock,” “Ground Level Set” and “Safe Lock disc” introduce a new level of performance and quality to the market. Gitzo is definitely going to continue being, after 90 years, the most advanced and imitated camera support brand in the market.” All 6X tripod upper discs and bolts have also been completely redesigned. The discs, which are composed of aluminum, feature a new safe lock material that reduces vibrations and improves head locking.

Gitzo tripods carbon fiber - Shooting angles
The new high-grade stainless steel bolt design prevents it from dropping inside the column and makes it easier to control and adjust the tread length. The bolts are also corrosion and oxidation resistant. The new Gitzo 6X tripods also offers a new ground level feature - an example of Gitzo’s unique style. The center column in removable and the upper disc can be directly applied to the casting and locked into position. With only a few seconds of set up, this clever built-in solution dramatically increases the tripods’ flexibility and allows for ultra low shooting angles, weight reduction and increased stability. Also featured on the updated line are removable feet for fitting new worn out rubber feet, spike feet or other accessories. All Gitzo 6X tripods now come with a convenient anti-dust bag for storage and packing.

Carbon fiber tripods - Camera support
The new 6X tube is made of a unique six crossed layer structure that maximizes rigidity, vibration absorption and lightweight performance. Gitzo’s 6X tube has a high density structure and is made from top quality ultra thin carbon fibers (7µm or 0,007 mm). For example, a series 2 tube contains 1.500.000 carbon fibers. In order to optimise weight to strength ratio, 6X tube wall thickness varies accordingly to tube diameter: up to series 2 tube wall thickness is 1 mm (30% lighter than 1,5 mm tube), 1,2 mm for series 3 tubes, 1,4 mm for series 4 and 1,5 mm for series 5. The 6X tube sets new technology and performance standards in camera supports.

Gitzo carbon fiber tripod - Anti Leg Rotation
Backing Gitzo 6X technology is the new six crossed multilayer range which features the Anti Leg Rotation (ALR) system. The ALR system allows for a fast and smooth setup, yet maintains the uncompromised locking strength of the traditional Gitzo twist lock system. Just loosen all twist locks at the same time and pull down the leg before tightening them, making setup a mere 15 seconds for this five sectioned tripod.

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