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Kodak batteries & battery chargers

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Monday 25th, September 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

As digital cameras increase in feature and functionality, consumers need more powerful batteries to ensure maximum performance when taking pictures. To support this need, Kodak today introduced a series of new batteries and chargers that increase the number of pictures consumers can take between battery charges and changes, and improving the picture-taking experience overall. Kodak’s new batteries and chargers provide long life, fast flash, and long storage life, which combine to give consumers an outstanding picture-taking experience. The new Kodak Digital Camera Battery line-up features bold new packa-ging that utilises the newest Kodak look with crisp, clean graphics, and strong claims.

Kodak batteries & chargers

Rechargeable batteries & chargers
“Consumers always want to be ready to capture that important life event through pictures, whether it’s a child’s first step, a high school graduation or a wedding,” said Joel Proegler, general manager one-time use camera and battery business, Eastman Kodak Company. “With the new Kodak batteries and chargers, consumers can rest assured that they will have the power they need to take the best picture, wherever and whenever they want.” Kodak’s new offerings comprise non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries, and a range of chargers, including an innovative charger designed for use inside cars and other vehicles, ideal for today’s active picture-takers.

Kodak battery & charger features
• Quality : Capable of re-charging up to 500 times
• Speed : Speeds range from one hour to overnight
• Capacity : Ranging from 1800 mAh to 2500 mAh (300-500 pictures on a full charge)
• Universal for most countries : Kodak K7500 Li-Ion Universal Battery Charger
• Universal for most countries : K4500 C+1 Rapid Battery Charger
• Portable : The Kodak K700 Ni-MH Rapid Car Charger, with batteries that can take up to 300 pictures per charge, is ideal for picture-taking on the go

Kodak Digital Camera Battery and Charger products
• Non-Rechargeable : Enhanced Kodak Oxy-Alkaline Digital Camera Batteries AA, enabling 2 to 3 times the pictures than ordinary AA alkaline batteries
• Rechargeable: Increased mAh capacity ratings of KLIC-5000, KLIC-5001 and the KLIC-7001, that result in longer lasting batteries
• Rechargeable: Innovative new KLIC-8000 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery for use with the Kodak EASYSHARE Z612 Zoom Digital Camera
• Charger : K6100 C+4, which lets consumers charge Kodak Ni-MH Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery in about an hour
• Charger : K605E C+4, which is the most economic charger for use with the Kodak Ni-MH Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery
• Charger : K700 C+2 Car Charger, which lets consumers charge their Kodak Ni-MH Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries in their car
• Charger : K7500-C Universal Lithium-Ion battery charger, which charges all KLIC series lithium ion batteries and includes world wide adapters and voltages, as well as a car charger adapter

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