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Hasselblad H3D

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Tuesday 26th, September 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Hasselblad is ready to introduce the world's first 48mm, full frame DSLR camera system; the Hasselblad H3D. The Hasselblad H3D represents an entirely new approach to integrated digital cameras. Built around a ground-breaking new digital camera engine, the H3D camera takes photographic flexibility and image quality to new levels and enables unprecedented photographic benefits from the various system components. The innovative communications between lens and capture unit in the Hasselblad H3D results in a new level of image quality with a higher level of detail and true sharpness. This inter-communication lays the ground for Hasselblad's Digital APO Correction (DAC) and the new Ultras-Focus functionality.

Hasselblad H3D

Hasselblad H3D DSLR - Full frame
The Hasselblad H3D's full frame concept offers unique control of image composition and the large format light channel provided by the H3D enables the use of the largest image sensors currently available - 48x36 mm - more than twice the size of even the largest 35 mm camera sensors. These sensors hold more and large pixels, ensuring ultra sharp images without gradation break-ups in even the finest lit surfaces. The Hasselblad H3D is available in two versions, one containing a 22 Megapixel sensor and the other a 39 Megapixel sensor.

Hasselblad H3D full frame digital SLR - Instant Approval Architecture
The H3D camera also features Hasselblad's Instant Approval Architecture (IAA), an enhanced set of feedback tools designed to drastically simplify the image selection process so you can concentrate on your shoot. The Hasselblad is fully integrated with the Hasselblad IAA, bringing automated image classification into your digital workflow from the split second of capture.

H3D digital SLR camera - Viewfinder
One of the most popular features of the V System was the flexibility to choose between eye-level and waist-level viewfinders. Hasselblad has now brought this useful feature into the H system as well, with the launch of an inter-changeable, waist-level viewfinder for the H system cameras. This viewfinder enables photographers to maintain eye contact with the model, a key advantage in portrait photography. With the Hasselblad H3D you get a choice of viewfinders - eye- or waist-level - an important flexibility for the professional photographer.

Hasselblad H3D features
• Unmatched combination of quality and flexibility
• Ultra-focus: Integral optimization of digital lens performance
• Digital APO Correction for improved RAW image sharpness and detail
• 39 Megapixel full-frame digital 28mm wide angle shooting
• Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
• Choice of eye-level or waist-level viewfinders

Hasselblad 28mm HCD lens
The groundbreaking technology of the Hasselblad H3D has made possible a specially designed 28mm lens, expressly developed for this camera. The design was been optimized for the 36x48 mm sensor area of the Hasselblad H3D, resulting in an extremely compact lens that can fully utilize the Digital APO Correction function and further increase the resolution of the image.

Hasselblad H3D specifications
• Sensor size: 39 Megapixel or 22 Megapixels
• File size: 5412x7212 pixels or 4080x5440 pixels
• Sensor dimensions: 36.7x49.0 mm
• H3D-39 file size: Raw 3FR compressed - 50MB average, TIFF 8bit 117MB
• H3D-22 file size: Raw 3FR compressed - 30MB average, TIFF 8 bit 66MB
• Shooting mode: single shot
• ISO range: ISO 50 - 400
• Longest shutter speed: 32 seconds
• Image storage: CompactFlash, External image bank, tethered to Mac or PC
• Storage capacity: 2GB CF card - H3D 39MP: 49 images, H3D 22MP: 66 images
• Capture rate: 2 seconds/image including preview
• Color display: OLED 2.2-inch
• Histogram feedback: yes
• File format: Hasselblad 3FR
• Software: FlexColor (included)
• Host connection type: FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b)
• Platform support: Mac OS X, NT, 2000, XP
• Dimensions with f/2.8 80mm lens: 153x131x213 mm
• Weight: 2175 g (with Li-Ion battery and CF card)

Hasselblad H3D

Hasselblad H3D DSLR camera - Ultra-focus and digital APO correction
In the Hasselblad H3D, information about the lens and exact capture conditions are fed to the digital camera engine, enabling precise fine-tuning of the auto-focus mechanism, taking into account the design of the lens and the optical specification of the sensor. The new feature brings a new level of sharpness and resolution to the entire HC lens program. In addition, Hasselblad's patented digital APO chromatic correction feature enables you to get even more out of every lens. When using a complete Hasselblad system, this feature allows the mapping of each Hasselblad lens and the capture of advanced data, which are then used to perform an automated correction for color aberration and distortion on every shot, ensuring that every digital capture is automatically optimized to provide the finest detail that a given lens can produce.

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